WilliamWill's Toy Workshop is a Christmas special that is created by WilliamWill Television and Metromedia Entertainment. It aired on December 18, 2015.


The story starts off with WilliamWill talking to his children about opening up a toy workshop in St. Louis. Reena Raccoon was skeptical about this plan, but the others are happy. So after two weeks of construction, it's completed and WilliamWill needs help with the toys, but Reena has a play about the Nativity to star in and Nook and Carrie are busy as well. So he calls in a group of elves to help him with his plan. He finds out that a terrorist organization is using the toys to destroy New York City. So he decided to gather his children and other people to help save Christmas.


[WilliamWill Television presents]

[The title appears]

[We fade to the WilliamWill Manor]

Reena: "You're going to what?!"

WilliamWill: "That's right! I will be building the very first toy workshop in St. Louis!"

[Reena is confused]

Reena: "I don't get it. Why do you want to build a toy workshop in the city?"

WilliamWill: "Because I'll spread giving to children who enjoy neat toys!"

Reena: "Um, OK? Are you sure it will work?"

WilliamWill: "Trust me! It will!"

Melody: "Count me in, William!"

Larry and Becky: "Us, too!"

Rogan and Richard Raccoon: "Us, three!"

WilliamWill: "Alright, kids. You can help daddy build the workshop."

The Kids: "Yay!"

[After the toy workshop was finished...]

WilliamWill: "Nice work, kids! It would be a lot harder to complete without you."

Becky: "Thanks, Willy!"

Melody: "In the meantime, what should we do?"

WilliamWill: "I think you play around for a while."

The Kids: "Yay!"

WilliamWill: "While I have to find some help with the toys."