University Beginnings is the first episode in the series, The Breadknife Koala.


16-year-old Laura Koala visits The University of Sydney for the first day.  


Laura: (narrating) "Hello everyone. My name is Laura Koala, age 16. And today, we're gonna start exploring my new life as a teen."

[We see The Koala Family's home]

[Cut to the family having breakfast]

Roobear Koala: "Eucalyptus pancakes! My favorite!"

Mommy Koala: "Laura! Are you ready to come downstairs?"

[Cut to Laura's room]

Laura: "Yes, mom! I'll be down there in a minute!"

[Laura rushes downstairs to the kitchen]

Roobear Koala: "It's no surprise how she became older than me. That means I'm her little brother."

Mommy Koala: "That's true, Roobear." (to Laura) "Laura. Eat your eucalyptus pancakes."

Laura: "OK, mom."

Papa Koala: "Well, now you have more responsibilities as a teenager, Laura."

Laura: "I know."

Mommy Koala: "It's also your first day at the university."

Laura: "I know that too."

Roobear Koala: "What do you think it's like to be at a university?"

Laura: "I don't know. I'll have to find out."

[After breakfast]

Mommy Koala: "Have a nice day, Laura!"

Laura: "You too! Goodbye!"

[At the University of Sydney]

Laura: "Woah! I'll meet new friends there!"

Chancellor Ms. Belinda Hutchinson: "Welcome, ma'am, to the University of Sydney."

Laura: "Why thank you!"

Ms. Belinda: "Please take a tour with me to get started."

Laura: "OK!"

[On the tour]

Ms. Belinda: "Here is your first classroom, it focuses on algebra."

Laura: "Algebra? Are you sure it will be simple?"

Ms. Belinda: "Trust me, it requires learning."

Candace Rabbit: "I love that subject!"

Laura: "You do?"

Ms. Belinda: "Anyway, to the next room."

Laura: "Where are we going now?"

Ms. Belinda: "To the second classroom, English."

[At English class]

Violet The Sugar Glider: "Hmm, English? OK..."

Ms. Belinda: "Exactly, Violet."

Laura: "The room looks clean."

[After the tour]

Laura: "I'm ready to begin!"

Ms. Belinda: "Good luck, Laura. See you later."

Laura: "OK!"

Laura: (narrating) "So, the first day actually went pretty well, I might've been a bit shy at first, but eventually, I found out that it was fun."

(The End)