Time and Again is a one-night special that aired on Mammoth Network on 8/9/2010. It consisted of shows first episodes and vintage promos and commercials aired during commercial break aired on one night only from 17.00-20.00.

It's available on DVD and Blu-Ray by WilliamWill Home Video since 6/2/2014.


17.00 Lassie

17.30 Popples

18.00 Freaks and Geeks

19.00 SpongeBob SquarePants

19.30 Chucklewood Critters

Final moments

After a studio credit for Chucklewood Critters is shown, a brief commercial break, then a 41 seconds montage using Time and Again from Elm-Chanted Forest with a message:

"for 13 years, Mammoth Network brought you, quality time with your homes, but time for a goodbye Mammoth Network, Thank you."

After the montage: Buttons and Rusty's School Daze is shown with new Raccoons TV branding, except KLPO in Radiator Springs, Arizona, which switched to FOX, while KCWC in Ruckersville, Virginia dropped Mammoth Network altogether and made it independent.