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The WilliamWill Super Show is a comedy TV series that aired on June 10, 2015. It is produced by WilliamWill Television, Fireworks Television, and Princess Entertainment. The show stars The Princess Family, Quintion, Sophie, PB&J, and his friends: Katherine, Jennifer, Melody, Rosellia, Halley, Shari, Isabella Diego, Brenda, Lucky, Sally, Jo and Jane, Reena, and Becky.

It was announced on June 13, 2017, that a spin-off is in development.


The Princess Family are friends to WilliamWill2343 and Sophie The Otter. The Princess Family includes the kids who are Peter (15 years old), Lizzie (18 years old), Troy (10 years old), and Gabby (5 years old). The parents are Ron and Trisha. Mrs. Bonga is the principal of the Roman Elementary School (the school that Troy Princess goes to), Mrs. Catherine Bonnie is his teacher. Mostly it's about the adventures of Quintion and his friends.


The Princess Family

  • Peter Princess: (Voiced by Scott Menville) He is the second born child of the Princess Family. He is laid back as always, cocky of his own family, is somehow egotistical about his skateboarding skills, and a pretty smart guy. He loves skateboarding, horse riding, British culture, ferrets, castles, and surfing.
  • Lizzie Princess: (Voiced by Anndi McAffee) She is the first born child of the Princess Family. She has a sense of humor and is a very quirky woman, is shown to be empathetic to her friends and her family, can be pretty hyperactive and playful rarely at times, and is very witty. She loves the Ubisoft games, (Especially the Rayman, Assassin's Creed, and Price of Persia games) baking desserts, making movies. She is also very athletic and acrobatic.
  • Troy Princess: (Voiced by Jackson Brundage) He is the third born child of the Princess Family. He is an artistic inventor who is usually grumpy and cynical, but deep down, he's caring and friendly.
  • Gabby Princess: (Voiced by Della Saba) She is the last born child of the Princess Family. She is prissy and cute, but can sometimes act dense. She also loves retro stuff like the classic Care Bears cartoon, music from the 80's and 90's, and old-school fashion. She is also very fearless and athletic.
  • Ron Princess: (Voiced by Maurice LaMarche) He is the father of the Princess Family. He is an energetic, hard-working father who owns his very own bank called RonRiches.
  • Trisha Princess: (Voiced by Karen Straussman) She is the mother of the Princess Family. While a very clumsy housewife, she loves her family very well.

Other Characters

  • Hunter the Ferret: A curious, but sly ferret that ends up making messes. He is the Princess Family's pet.
  • Larry Leopold Pucker: The 4-year-old human version of the Laugh and Learn Puppy. He is energetic, cheerful, and optimistic. He became WilliamWill2343's first son.
  • Trixie McTricks: A cunning, wicked woman who prepares traps and plays pranks on the heroes.
  • Koby Koala: The older of the baby twin brothers of Katherine and Jennifer Koala. He is usually seen sleeping but can be noisy.
  • Kirby Koala: The younger of the baby twin brothers of Katherine and Jennifer Koala. He is generally awake most of the time and is very quiet.
  • Scott "Scrappy" Medelle: He is a technophobe who deserves nothing but every machine to be ruined.
  • F.T. Love: A very angry tennis player who cheats and causes trouble in tennis matches.

Introduced in Season 3

  • Princess Gaim: The 16-year-old princess of the Planet Georgarine. She is quite cheerful, kind, friendly, very smart, cute and elegant. She loves cats, yarn, milk, science, mathematics, and her family. She can transform into a cat.
  • Lao: The 9-year-old brother of Princess Gaim.

The Charikan Family

The Charikan Family are a family of anthropomorphic squirrels that live in a large treehouse in Janice Forest. They love nuts and acorns.

  • Stephanie Charikan: She is a 6-year-old female squirrel who is the third born child of the Charikan Family. She is cheerful, carefree, cute, playful, friendly and hyperactive. She loves cute animals, dolls, Gabby Princess, science fiction, horses, and dancing.
  • Terrence Charikan: He is a 4-year-old male squirrel who is the fourth born child of the Charikan Family. He is curious, a little bossy, smart, optimistic, and positive. He loves painting, baseball, racecars, karate, and airplanes.
  • Gabrielle Charikan: She is a 2-year-old female squirrel toddler who is the fifth born child of the Charikan Family. She is imaginative, perky, very giggly, silly, cheerful, chipper, excitable, and cute. She does not talk much, but says simple words now and then, such as "Mama. Dada. Funny." etc. She loves her stuffed raccoon plush, her Wendy Payne doll, and funny stuff.
  • Natalie Charikan: She is a 16-year-old female squirrel teenager who is the second born child of the Charikan Family. She is good-humored, sarcastic, tough, loyal, silly, exuberant, dramatic, and energetic. She loves fashion, singing, dancing, Tara Tanooki (a famous singer and actress), and music.
  • Eric Charikan: He is an 18-year-old male squirrel adult who is the first born child of the Charikan Family. He is egotistical, bold, smart, loyal, rational, rebellious, and laidback. He loves skateboarding, bowling, drawing, comic books, and video games.
  • Aaron Charikan: He is a 26-year-old male squirrel adult who is the father of the Charikan Family.
  • Darlene Charikan: She is a 22-year-old female squirrel adult who is the mother of the Charikan Family.


Season 1 (June-December 2015, 26 Episodes)

Episode No. Title Premise Airdate Ratings
1 WilliamWill2343, Rosellia and Katherine Koala's Funtime Quintion, Rosellia and Katherine Koala decided to go see Mad Max: Fury Road, eat at Pizza Hut, turn Baby Bop (one of Barney's friends) into a human, watch the series premiere of Sophie and Quintion's Cartoon Castle, play Super Mario Bros 3 on the Nintendo Entertainment System, and have a great sleepover party with Sally and Jennifer. June 10, 2015 12.75
2 School's Out for Vacation! It's the last day of school for the Princess Family kids. They're dying to get out, especially Lizzie, who will finally graduate. WilliamWill2343 has invited the Princess Family, Sophie, PB&J, Katherine, Jennifer, Sally, Rosellia, Melody, Halley, Brenda, Lucky, and Becky over for a vacation to Hawaii. June 17, 2015 15.86
3 A Fun Day at WilliamWill Park Quintion decides to construct his own amusement park called WilliamWill Park. He tries to attract as many customers as possible. Will it work? June 24, 2015 15.63
4 Shapeshifting Surprise WilliamWill2343's Shapeshifter Ray has gone out of control, zapping Sophie into many different animal species. July 1, 2015 18.59
5 Zone of Peace After having a bad day, Katherine and Jennifer wind up in a room called the "Zone of Peace". July 8, 2015 17.69
6 The Popple Gang Lucky shows everyone her own team of Popples. July 15, 2015 14.35
7 It's Showtime! WilliamWill2343 and his friends set up their own play version of Rumpelstiltskin. July 22, 2015 14.86
8 Gabby's Special Story Gabby tries very hard to be creative in order to write her very own story. July 29, 2015 17.67
9 Pen-Palooza Sally is revealed to be Jelly's pen-pal on her visit to Lake Hoohaw. August 5, 2015 19.36
10 Are You Smarter Than Melody? Sophie and PB&J decide to host their version of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? called Are You Smarter Than Melody?. August 12, 2015 20.26
11 New Pet, More Peeves The Princess Family adopts a new pet ferret and names him Hunter. However, caring for him isn't as easy as expected. So Melody offers them advice on how to care for him. August 19, 2015 22.75
12 A Laughing and Learning Experience Becky Bopper decides to turn the Laugh and Learn Puppy (from Fisher-Price) into a 4-year-old human boy renamed Larry Leopold Pucker. August 26, 2015 22.86
13 Back to School Peter, Troy, and Gabby have returned to school while Lizzie begins her first year of college. September 2, 2015 21.16
14 Half the Trap is Better than a Whole A mischievous adult prankster named Trixie McTricks has set up a trap to capture Quintion and the gang. They have to face the struggle of breaking the cage in two. September 9, 2015 22.58
15 Out With the Old, Twin with the New Katherine and Jennifer are excited because their mom, Hillary Koala is expecting baby twin boys named Koby and Kirby Koala. September 16, 2015 22.24
16 Troy's Gadget Gaffe Troy's prototype SingCoustic (A device in which the user sings, converting the notes into different instrumental versions accurately) is about to be mangled by Scott "Scrappy" Medelle. How will he recover it? September 23, 2015 21.56
17 Through the Tire for the Games WilliamWill and his friends enter the Sandy Hook 260 race. September 30, 2015 25.53
18 Bring Your Child to Bank Day The Princess Family kids explore RonRiches during a special event where all the workers there bring their kids over too. October 7, 2015 19.53
19 18-Year Bash Quintion turns 18 years old, and everyone is invited to a big birthday party spectacular. October 14, 2015 22.25
20 Swollen Eye: 005 Gabby's eye becomes swollen after a trap by Trixie is set upon her. October 21, 2015 21.56
21 A Princess Family Halloween The Princess Family goes trick or treating, but a shadow is stalking them door to door. Who could it be? October 28, 2015 24.75
22 Skateboarding Cup  Peter tries hard enough to win the Skateboarding Cup trophy. However, he needs to face the obstacles he encounters. November 4, 2015 21.51
23 WilliamWill Clip Show This is contains a variety of skits, similar to Robot Chicken. November 11, 2015 23.50
24 Fall of Duty Callie and Xavier Otter have threatened to skydive into PB&J's houseboat to trash every room in there. Will the Otter Family be able to prevent it? November 18, 2015 20.77
25 How We Spent Our Thanksgiving: Part 1 The Princess Family invites their extended relatives over for a Thanksgiving feast. November 25, 2015 25.65
26 How We Spent Our Thanksgiving: Part 2 WilliamWill2343 and his friends put on a show on how they spend their Thanksgiving. December 2, 2015 26.04

Season 2 (February-July 2016, 26 Episodes)

Episode No. Title Premise Airdate Ratings
1 Fright at the Museum Scott "Scrappy" Medelle has gone bonkers when he notices that the museum contains an inventions section, causing him to destroy the machines. The heroes must stop him. February 3, 2016 23.73
2 Hola, Isabella! Isabella Diego meets Quintion and his friends for the first time. February 10, 2016 24.56
3 Let's Walk on Sunshine! During a bad thunderstorm, Shari Sunbeam knows how to change it to sunshine. February 17, 2016 27.55
4 Going Once, Going Ice The heroes take a trip to Greenland and understand the culture there. But, what could possibly go wrong? February 24, 2016 14.52
5 The Tennis Menace An angry tennis player named F.T. Love decides to ruin Quintion and the gang's tennis match. March 2, 2016 14.75
6 Zoo-ed Out The heroes take a trip to the zoo. However, a rhino named Dino has fled! Quintion and the others must stop this runaway beast. March 9, 2016 17.55
7 Forlorn Funeral After Grandma Yolanda Princess passed away, the Princess Family goes to a sad, but memorable funeral. March 16, 2016 12.95
8 Spring into Action It's the first day of Spring, and everyone takes a hike through the local forest. They encounter a rabbit named Bigfoot, named after the size of his feet, and his troop. March 23, 2016 11.55
9 Golf Coast WilliamWill and his friends go on a golf course by the sea called Sandy Lane Golf. March 30, 2016 18.55
10 Mystery Train Menace Somebody has stolen one of WilliamWill's latest train models he built, but who was the culprit? April 6, 2016 17.59
11 Cloudy With a Chance of Popples Someone has been pranking the heroes into a storm that rains...Popples? April 13, 2016 18.73
12 Got Silk? After meeting some silkworms, the Princess Family kids cooperate into making a silk jumpsuit. April 20, 2016 17.86
13 Raiders of the Crossed Park Sophie and PB&J discover some raccoon burglars named Nook and Carrie, who have been stealing PB&J sandwiches. April 27, 2016 19.94
14 Rabbids Party Lizzie invites her younger siblings to play Rayman: Raving Rabbids. May 4, 2016 17.76
15 Katherine the Babysitter Katherine has promised to babysit Kirby and Koby Koala to earn money for herself. May 11, 2016 19.46
16 A Princess Birthday (Special Episode)

WilliamWill constructs a family entertainment center which will be the largest one ever called WilliamWill's Pizzaland for Gabby Princess' birthday. She gets a Nintendo 64, Nintendo Entertainment System, a bunch of N64 and NES games, 80s songs, and Pizzazz and Persistent Popple. The team also meets the 7 year old young girl from Sophie the Otter and her Friends Escape from Deadl E. Cheese who is named Florence David. She also shows her animal form as a anthropomorphic Lab mouse named Florence Labia.

May 18, 2016 22.35
17 Let's Get Along, Gang! WilliamWill and his friends take a trip to Green Meadow to meet the original 12 members of The Get-Along Gang, along with Rico Raccoon (who happens to be Reena Raccoon's boyfriend), Amy "Fibsy" Frog, Whiskers Mouse, Chelsea Chipmunk, Snyder "Sleepyhead" Sloth, and T. Jayne Bird. Meanwhile, Catchum Crocodile and Leland Lizard are trying to ruin the visit, but can the good triumph over the bad? May 25, 2016 28.86
18 Underwater Unease The gang goes out for an underwater excursion. However, an angry giant squid named Inkin Payne confronts them! June 1, 2016 28.41
19 Devilish Spice Isabella Diego has been cursed by a spell from Trixie McTricks' potion, causing her to transform into a demonic monster to attack The Princess Family. June 8, 2016 20.54
20 Koala-monium Love Katherine meets a 10 year old male koala named Hamilton Koala who suddenly has a huge crush on her. June 15, 2016 20.77
21 Lizzie's Pizza Party After Lizzie's success of her first film, Furry Wars, The Princess Family decides to hold a special pizza party for her. June 22, 2016 21.87
22 Species-Switched Family The Princess Family's species has been switched with their pet ferret Hunter, turning them into ferrets and Hunter into a human. How will they return to normal? June 29, 2016 19.85
23 Cactus Feast Melody shows the Princess Family how to eat cactus fruits and start having a huge feast about it. July 6, 2016 18.85
24 Triangled Love Lizzie Princess meets a 18 year old boy named Kennedy Dewar at her college (Caldwell University) and he agrees to be her boyfriend, but a young adult girl named Willa Jenni doesn't like that, as she is his girlfriend, so she decides to kidnapped her. July 13, 2016 24.85
25 Willow Lodge Camping Adventure Gabby goes to a summer camp called Willow Lodge Camp for the whole summer. At the camp, she participates in activities such as hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, zip lining, magic, arts, campfires, and learning languages. July 20, 2016 21.58
26 A Princess-y Wedding Lizzie is going to marry Kennedy Dewar and she wants to make this wedding a spectacular one. But Trixie McTricks comes in and tries to ruin it! July 27, 2016 19.47

Season 3 (September 2016-March 2017, 26 Episodes)

Episode No. Title Premise Airdate Ratings
1 St. Louis Trip Lizzie Princess receives a invitation from WilliamWill2343 inviting her and her family to St. Louis, Missouri. He shows them his house and his family. After that, he takes them to all the places that are landmarks. One month later, Quintion, and The Princess Family see the Rhinbears (part Rhinoceros, part Bear) attacking the city. Laurauncher, the leader engages the team in a battle. WilliamWill2343's team win when the Princess Family uses their magic to attack and kill the Rhinbears and Laurauncher. WilliamWill2343, and The Princess Family receives an check for $100,000,000,000 dollars from the Mayor of St. Louis for saving their city. September 7, 2016 21.77
2 Meet the Little Princess The Princess Family is excited because Lizzie Princess is having baby twins named Alice and Alan. September 14, 2016 18.85
3 Blueberry Surprise Reena and her brothers go out picking blueberries to make blueberry pie and muffins for Lizzie Princess' birthday. September 21, 2016 15.85
4 Katherine and The Starfruit Katherine takes a bite into a Starfruit and suddenly transforms into a superhero she dubbed herself as The Elastic Koala because she has two powers; Elasticity and Enhanced Strength. She finds out that three teenagers: Sora, Diego, and Polly are trapped in a large phone box on a bridge above a valley. The Elastic Koala decides to go and save them. September 28, 2016 19.56
5 Melody's Past WilliamWill2343 learns about Melody's history (so does everyone else) so he takes her and her friends to Georgarine in the U.S.S. Americana. While there, they meet Princess Gaim, the leader of the planet and her little brother Lao. October 5, 2016 19.45
6 Meet The Charikans WilliamWill and The Princess Family meets the Charikan Family in Janice Forest. October 12, 2016 21.46
7 A Sloppy Date When Reena's boyfriend Rico accidentally makes a mess at the Wilcoxton Candy Shop, she becomes mad at him and forces him to clean the mess up all by himself. For Rico, he thinks that it would take him forever to clean it up. So Rico tries to get Reena to cooperate. October 19, 2016 25.75
8 The AgeBender With WilliamWill's latest device called the AgeBender, it goes out of control and swaps Lizzie and Gabby Princess' ages! How will they switch back? October 26, 2016 20.45
9 Spooky Ghosts Trouble Someone has let the ghosts of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in the WilliamWill Manor.

November 2, 2016

10 Unexpected Raccoon Cousins Reena Raccoon remembers that Nook and Carrie Raccoon, her older cousins, are coming to visit. November 9, 2016 21.78
11 A Forest Quest

Kevin Danires and Reena Raccoon find a baby bunny and founds out that this is the same bunny that Reena saved. So she and Kevin decided to go find the bunny's mother before it gets dark.

November 16, 2016 21.75
12 Favorite Ideas of Fun WilliamWill and his friends are invited to the Princess Family's home on a Saturday and they want to decide what to do today. November 23, 2016 18.64
13 Reena's Minority

Reena, who was painting a picture of Larry Leopold Pucker one day, wanted to see how it feels to be a grown-up. So she uses the AgeBender to make herself 27 years old.

November 30, 2016 19.42
14 A Little Love in Alice Alice wants to be a good girl now and not stay as a troublemaker. She has helped her community with many projects, made 4 new friends: Lizzie Princess, September Katie, Tommy Calvin, and Dalton Williams, helped others, being kind, and liking the 80's cartoons. December 7, 2016 17.90
15 A Puffling Day Gabby and Troy find a big box in their room one day, and they find out that it was full of pufflings. So they start to play with them, making a big mess around the house. December 14, 2016 20.46
16 Dancing with Polly Natalie Charikan, Halley Wagner, and Lizzie Princess, are invited to Lizzie's best friend, Polly Jillian's Dance Party. They have fun, play games, and tell secrets about Lizzie. December 21, 2016 21.68
17 Winter Scavenger Hunt

The Charikan Family go on a scavenger hunt to find parts of the Christmas Tree after being blown up.

December 28, 2016 22.26
18 Koala Squad Returns James Hugh kidnaps every single koala around the world because he wants to make himself a very powerful and strong koala and take over the world. January 4, 2017 19.57
19 Another Girly Catastrophe

The Princess Family heads to a mysterious forest for a picnic. It's where Lizzie Princess heard that many little girls died there. When Gabby Princess suddenly gets lost in the forest, it's up to Lizzie to save her.

January 11, 2017 18.98
20 A Squirrel's Birthday

Stephanie's birthday is today, and Jo, Jane and her friends want to make a surprise birthday party for her, but how are they going to get the supplies?

January 18, 2017 19.07
21 One of The Babysitters Susan David has been taken to the Sisterhood of Babysitters to be trained to babysit children. January 25, 2017 29.75
22 The Blizzard of 2017 A strong blizzard has blocked the Princess Family from going out to their vacation. February 1, 2017 22.74
23 A New Turn of Life: Part 1 WilliamWill suddenly forgot about Melody's rapid growth, and finds out that she moved away about 2 years ago. So he decides to find her to say goodbye. February 14, 2017 20.74
24 A New Turn of Life: Part 2 WilliamWill suddenly finds out that Reena Raccoon and her brothers and older sister are going to live with her aunt and uncle, Darlene and Scott Raccoon. February 14, 2017 12.58

Season 4 (2017-)


The series has gained universal critical acclaim from critics and audiences alike, praising the style, writing, acting, music, and Katherine Koala's performance.

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