The Retro Crew

Here's a picture of The Retro Crew and behind them is the hangout

The Retro Crew is a group of tweens who like retro media, but they don't mind modern-day things. They also like to hang out together because they have been friends since 2010. They are friends with Katherine Koala, Berry Bornsley, and Kiki Kangaroo. They also have a hangout near Chelsea's home.

Joe Salvina

Joe Salvina

This is a picture of Joe Salvina.

Joe is the coolest kid of the group and is kind of smart, and is very sharp-witted. He is also sort of clumsy sometimes and is very quirky. He loves to build model airplanes and cars, is fond of retro cartoons (but is also fine with modern-day cartoons), and really loves automobiles. He has a 7-year-old sister named Mary and a baby brother named Franklin. His personality is based on the Golden Age of Cartoons and the 1980s. He's also the second in command of the team. He was born on November 7, 2005. On Thanksgiving Day 2016, Her mother, Lillian Salvina gave birth to baby twins. They were named Timothy Calvin Salvina, and Emilia Lizzie Salvina.

Chelsea Drangood

Chelsea Drangood

Chelsea is the nerd and is very sweet, but sometimes can be brash and short tempered. She is also very sweet and friendly, but she doesn't like to be annoyed by her little brother, Seale. She loves to read many books about science and technology, is fond of retro technology and devices, but she can be pretty okay with modern-day technology and devices, such as iPhones and iPads. Her personality is based on the Space Age of the 1950s. She revealed that she created a device called the Resurrector for evil purposes. (Bringing the Barney Bunch back to life) and that she is the Sapphires' cousin.

Brock Maviner

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