The Prankster Gangsters is a series made by The Mac+Cool Company for the Mac+Cool and Pink Sheep Network that aired on June 27, 2016.


After the demise of WilliamWill, Mac+Cool, Pink Sheep, Purple Shep, and the Prankster Gangster Nation all take over WilliamWill Enterprises (which they think his TV series are stupid).


  • Mac+Cool - The main character who is the former Cracktastic king.
  • Pink Sheep - The Prankster Gangster.
  • Purple Shep - The stupid and ugly son of Pink Sheep, but later in the series he forms his true hacker self.
  • Dolph - Hitler's secret son who was a Nazi in WWII. He admitted that he was ashamed of himself for doing that. He lives with Pink Sheep and Purple Shep.
  • Classy Henrietta - The main antagonist who hates and kills people who are not classy.