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New Adventures of The Little Koala is a remaining and a reboot of the 1984 Children's anime TV show, This show follows a 10-year-old koala named Katherine and her friends in a utopian city called Willow Falls, a neighbor of Breadknife Village. It takes place six years after the original show. The series aired in January 2016 as the first Golden Koala Network Original.


This show follows a 10-year-old female koala named Katherine Koala as she enrolls Breadknife Elementary. She meets some people and becomes friends with some of them.



  • Katherine Koala
  • Jennifer Koala
  • Koby and Kirby Koala
  • Sheryl Coyote: She is a 13-year-old coyote who is sometimes witty and cheerful, really sarcastic of Katherine, sometimes very friendly and smart, and knows a lot about biology and anthropology. She loves to watch action shows, is fond of business, loves to go to the beach with her friend, Maryellen Wolf, likes to eat potato salad and French Fries, and loves every kind of holiday.
  • Cooper Wildcat: He is 9-year-old British wildcat who is a prankster, is quite a silly guy, loves to make jokes, is sometimes very friendly and helpful, and is just plain funny. He loves fishing, jokes is fond of peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches, kind of hates pizza, loves roller-skating, really hates sugar gliders.
  • Wendy Devil: She is an 11-year-old Tasmanian Devil who is pretty feisty and sarcastic, kind of sweet and smart, is fond of video games, likes all kinds of adventures, and is very amazing at sports and running.
  • April Snowshoe: She is the triplet of Andrew and Arian Snowshoe. She is 10 years old and she is smart, funny, and diligent. She is also sort of cynical but is willing to help a friend. She loves reading and comedy, hates mud puddles, and gross stuff, and is interested in poetry, orthography, and marine biology.
  • Andrew Snowshoe: He is the triplet of April and Arian Snowshoe and has the same age, and favorite things as April and Arian, but is pretty sarcastic, and cheerful. He is also sort of charismatic and smart but can be pretty helpful with his friends. 
  • Arian Snowshoe: He is the triplet of Andrew and April Snowshoe and has the same age, and favorite things as April and Andrew, but is very laid back and pretty hyperactive and playful. He is also mean-spirited, and always mischievous.
  • Tiffany Tiger: She is a 12-year-old Tasmanian Tiger who is the last of her kind.

Returning Characters

  • Roobear Koala: Roobear now wears a red shirt with a soccer ball on it, yellow shorts, and green sneakers. He is now a bit flirtatious with Betty (which is toned down for family audiences).
  • Laura Koala
  • Floppy Rabbit: Floppy wears a gray tank top with navy blue jeans, white high tops and wears DJ headphones. He is slightly more cynical but still cares for his friends. He never lost his interest in sports and science.
  • Mimi Rabbit: Mimi is vainer and is a cheerleader, wearing a pink and white cheerleader outfit.
  • Nick Penguin: Nick now wears a light blue vest and lavender sandals. Nick is more aware and cautious of his acts. Nick is now obsessed with nature and history.
  • Pamie Penguin: Pamie wears a red headband in place of her bow, a magenta vest, and cyan flip flops. She still loves to eat but has more control over her diet. She seems to have matured, not crying as much anymore. Pamie is into swimming and hopes to become an excellent water athlete.
  • Betty Koala: Betty gained a sarcastic streak and is the brains of the group, but otherwise retains her original behavior. She wears a red sweater, beige pants, and white shoes.

Recurring Characters

  • Mrs. Gray: Katherine Koala's teacher who is smart, loving, and very reliable.
  • Swami Wantagh: Katherine Koala's arch nemesis who is a 10-year-old, British human girl who doesn't like anthropomorphic animals.


Season 1 (26 Episodes)

Episode No. Title Premise Airdate Ratings
1 An Little Introduction Katherine introduces the audience to her new school, her life, her family, and her friends. January 24, 2016 25.52
2 A Little Joke... Big Problems/Alma's Memories Cooper Wildcat tells a little joke about a young, blonde haired, female rabbit named Julie Rabbit, which makes her feel very upset. Katherine comes in and sort of cheers her up by giving her Emilia Caprice as a pet. / Katherine Koala finds an old album in the attic, showing pictures of Alma Koala as a child. February 7, 2016 28.55
3 A African Safari/Dissecting Friends Katherine, Sheryl, Cooper, and the Snowshoe Triplets are headed to Africa for a safari, with her mother, and her assistant, Mrs, McJaspen. / The Snowshoe Triplets are doing a science project in class about the dissection of frogs. March 13, 2016 24.46
4 Babies in Babylon/Bodyswapped! 

Sheryl and Katherine have heard about a curse inside Babylon, so they decided to go there. But they didn't notice the surprise it had in store. / Katherine finds a shiny rock and decided to give it to Hamilton Koala as a present, but suddenly, the rock swapped their bodies! 

April 24, 2016, 20.86
5 Stranger Dangers/Sterlington's Most Wanted When Cooper Wildcat get distracted by a stranger who kidnaps him, it would take some EXTREME measures to rescue him. / After Swami Wantagh steals the McGillicuddy Vase, she suddenly blames it on Katherine Koala. April 25, 2016, 21.89
6 All Your Bedtimes Belong to Me/Who's Ashley?

While everyone was sleeping, Tunaep (Sophie's OC) gives Hamilton and Katherine nightmares, giving them visions of their future. / Hamilton meets a new girl named Ashley Koala who becomes friends with him and that makes Katherine jealous.

May 16, 2016,

7 Family Colors/A Baby... Again!? Katherine's family is making a rainbowish project for the Breadknife Park Festival, but one girl is trying to ruin it / Katherine wakes up one morning and suddenly becomes a baby... again. May 17, 2016, 23.52
8 Squirrel Power/A Past to Remember The Snowshoe Triplets find a little squirrel named Karina, and they think that it's actually the real Karina the Super Squirrel. / Katherine finds a board game in Roobear's Garage Sale, which Roobear and Floppy remembered very fondly. May 18, 2016, 24.73

Onward and Londonward/Memorial Soldiers

Katherine, Tiffany, and Cooper decided to go to London to see Katherine's aunt, Hilda and her 5-year-old daughter, Polly. / Ms. Gray and her class are learning about the Breadknife War, where 13,200 soldiers fought for power. May 30, 2016
10 Daniella's Revenge At the end of the school year, Katherine is looking forward to a great summer. But suddenly, Daniella appears to get revenge on her and her cousins. May 31, 2016
11 Sandy Friends/Sharp Nationality January 2, 2017
12 Cute Arousal/A Smart Snowshoe