The Mystical Princesses

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The Mystical Princesses is a live-action sci-fi/fantasy series that is created by WilliamWill Television, Amanda Studios, OL Television, and Sony Pictures Television. It aired on WilliamWill Network on November 21, 2015.


The plot revolves around 6 14-year-old, elemental princesses called The Mystical Princesses on the Zaratoller Galaxy who are trying to defeat space marines that are destroying their home planets because they want to steal the Sacred Gems from those planets and head to Earth and destroy it.



  • Princess Karoshi: She is the green princess of the planet Nekitterfuff. Her Elemental Power is Electricity. She is kind, caring, friendly, sweet, and quirky.
  • Princess Sentai: She is the red princess of the planet Volcabilar. Her Elemental Power is Fire. She is feisty, mean-spirited, a little rude, vain, and sarcastic.
  • Princess Sarola: She is the pink princess of the planet Sandwikliuaral. Her Elemental Power is Wind. She is cheerful, hyperactive, funny, chipper, and girly.
  • Princess Kiky: She is the blue princess of the planet Aquinalima and is a mermaid. Her Elemental Power is Water. She is altruistic, dependable, elegant, encouraging, loyal, and compassionate.
  • Princess Kabalo: She is the yellow princess of the planet Durachiarvino. Her Elemental Power is Earth. She is fearless, pure-hearted, brave, cheerful, sweet, and independent.
  • Princess Calonaka: She is the black princess of the planet Cimlafamilba. Her Elemental Power is Darkness. She is gothic, rational, a little mischievous, anti-heroic, and a little bossy.


  •  Damon Ronaru: He is a Space Marine who is the owner of The Farata Federation of Galaxies. He is cocky, wicked, dark, sinister, cold, and envious.
  • Lilly Narira: She is the wife of Damon Ronaru who is very sarcastic, dark, smart, envious, and pretty cool.
  • Wagner Raroro: He is the general of the Federation who is witty, smart, noble, and heroic. 
  • Calvin Eclipser: He is one of the soldiers of the Federation who is dependent, loyal and trustworthy. 
  • Sarah Protorus: She is the scientist of the Federation who is very intelligent.
  • Andy Tigeron: He is the lieutenant of the Federation who is resourceful and very reliable.
  • Benn Skillerton: He is the sergeant of the Federation who is handsome, headstrong, and steadfast.


Season 1 (November 2015-March 2016)

Episode No. Title Premise Airdate Ratings
1 Planetary Playdate The princesses meet at the planet Farlinharehea to have a playdate. However, that playdate was interrupted by the Farata Federation of Galaxies. November 21, 2015
2 Does This Happen? The Mystical Princess finds out that Andy is about to destroy the Savatnille City Hall. November 28, 2015


When the show originally aired at 6.00 p.m, parents complained and said that the show was too violent, they also complained about Ronaru and said he was too scary for their kids, because of these complaints the show started airing its episodes at 7:30 p.m.