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The Human Popples is a teen drama comedy animated TV Series created by WilliamWill Television, DHX Media, and ParaYonder Television. It aired on December 11, 2015, on WilliamWill Network.

According to a press release in January 2017, the show has been officially canceled.


This series is about the 9 original Popples in human form going to Willow University. Each episode features the team having fun adventures.


  • Joanna "Party" Daisy: She is a 15-year-old female teen who is literally a party animal. She'll find a reason to party anytime day or night and is always pulling party hats and confetti from her pockets. Party serves as the primary girl.
  • Tony "Pretty Cool" Hadima: A 16-year-old male teen who serves as the co-leader of the bunch along with Party. Although he loves to have fun, he never lets things get too out of hand and is probably the most sensible member of the group. He also has a magic finger snap that can trigger all sorts of neat surprises.
  • Susan "Pancake" Bridget: A 15-year-old female teen who is very sweet and affectionate. She likes to tickle her friends with her fingers and always knows just what to do to cheer someone up.
  • Stella "Prize" Daphne: A 14-year-old female teen who is very vain and takes great pride in her appearance. She has a small crush on Tony, speaks in a Marilyn Monroe-esque voice and dreams of being a film star.
  • Rachael "Puffball" Galder: A 15-year-old female teen who loves to throw her voice around. She is very skilled at imitating voices to trick people alike. She also hates getting her white shirt dirty and tries hard to stay clean.
  • Danny "Puzzle" Jonah: A 16-year-old male teen who is more or less the bookworm of the bunch. He enjoys reading and is quite intelligent, but he still has a great sense of humor. Danny is also shown to be a good swimmer.
  • Valeria "Pretty Bit" Sweety: A 13-year-old female teen who almost always speaks in rhyme. She is shyer than most of the team but is still very loyal to her friends. She enjoys poetry and is also an expert on manners and etiquette.
  • Adam "Putter" Harold: A 14-year-old male teen who is somewhat hyperactive and has a tendency to do practical jokes but is very playful. Putter has a knack for fixing and inventing things, but they do not always work quite like he expects.
  • Anna "Potato Chip" Gildery: A 12-year-old female tween who loves to eat snacks. Sweet, sour or salty, Anna loves them all and has quite an appetite for such a small girl. She also has a talent for imitating sounds and sound effects.

Character Lineup

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Season 1 (December 2015-May 2015)

Episode No. Title Premise Airdate Ratings
1 Our First Day The Human Popples goes to Willow University for the first time. December 11, 2015
2 Tony's Fox Tony finds a little fox in a bush near the school, so he decides to keep it, but finds out that taking care of her is not as easy as it looks. December 18, 2015
3 A Sharp Closure April 15, 2016
4 Christmas Popples