The Hopewell's Popples is a drama TV series based on the 1986 animated series, Popples. It is created by WilliamWill Television, DHX Media, and Fireworks Television. It aired on July 17, 2015, on Orange Otter Network and WilliamWill Network. It was canceled on August 10, 2015, by the same fate as James Hugh's other show, Teletubbyland Human.


This takes place in the city of Chipotleville where Rudy and Judy Hopewell were walking home from school, they saw two Popples in a dumpster named Putrid and Pouncer Popple. They decided to let the Popples in and keep them.


  • Rudy Hopewell: The 8-year old twin brother of Judy. He is rebellious, cocky, friendly, and compassionate. He loves skateboarding, building, and pottery.
  • Judy Hopewell: The 8-year-old twin sister of Rudy. She is cheerful, rebellious, talkative, and exuberant. She loves Sony games, tea parties, dolls, trumpets, and desserts.
  • Putrid Popple: Putrid, as his name suggests, acts very dirty and nasty. He loves to collect garbage and throw them at fellow people and the hero Popples, making them dirty in the process. He does not like to shower and tries to avoid keeping clean. He also bullies the other Popples except for Pouncer with rude, nasty words.
  • Pouncer Popple: Pouncer is very aggressive and enjoys attacking innocent ones in the manner of a feline. She is a troublemaker who vandalizes objects by scratching them very roughly. Like Putrid, she bullies the other Popples.
  • Bonnie and Billy Wagner: These two kids often find themselves pulled into various misadventures by the Popples. Bonnie, the older sibling, tries to keep things from getting completely out of hand, while Billy tends to just enjoy the ride. In the pilot, their parents eventually find out about the Popples, but in the cartoon they never do.
  • Mike and Penny: These two African-American kids moved next door to the Wagners one day, and brought their own Popples with them. At first, the two pairs of kids resented the fact that someone else had Popples, but they soon got over it and became friends.


Season 1 (July 2015-January 2015, 26 Episodes)

Episode No. Title Premise Airdate Ratings
1 Lost and Found Rudy and Judy discover Putrid and Pouncer Popple in the dumpster. July 17, 2015 14.45
2 Popple Pranks Putrid and Pouncer try to execute a set of pranks on Rudy and Judy. July 24, 2015 15.58
3 Bonnie the Werewolf Putrid and Pouncer uses their magic the put a spell on Bonnie Wagner, causing her to transform into a werewolf every single night. It also makes her evil, making her kill her own parents and scratch Penny. July 31, 2015 15.86
4 A Tuft of Poison Billy and Bonnie Wagner were invited to dinner at The Hopewell's house. They were both poisoned by Putrid and Pouncer Popple. August 7, 2015 14.56
5 Sex Toys Pouncer Popple uses her magic to make a action figure come to life and begins to rape Judy Hopewell. August 14, 2015
6 A Child's Baby After the events of Sex Toys, Judy Hopewell gives birth to a three year old girl named Kendra Hopewell. August 21, 2015
7 Nasty Surprise Putrid and Pouncer attempt to avenge Billy and Bonnie's Popples. August 28, 2015
8 Brats Don't Dance, Do They? When Punkster and Punkity put on a dance party for the other Popples along with Billy, Bonnie, Mike and Penny, Rudy, Judy, Putrid and Pouncer become jealous since they weren't invited. September 4, 2015
9 Scorched Formals Pouncer Popple uses her claws to shred Bonnie, Penny, and Judy's new dresses for Sally Windia's 4th birthday that Party Popple was planning. September 11, 2015
10 Popplization Power Putrid and Pouncer Popple construct a robotic much called The Poppltron and uses it to destroy the Jennifer Park. September 18, 2015
11 Burying Popples While at the beach with the Rudy and Judy, Putrid and Pouncer create a sandstorm so huge that it buries them in the sand. September 25, 2015