Castles III by MmzellChOuk

This is what The Cartoon Castle will look like.

The Cartoon Castle is a fictional castle in the secluded island of Cousteau. It was featured in the TV series, Sophie and Quintion's Cartoon Castle.



This castle has car elevators in the castle's front entrance which takes cars to an underground parking lot. Whenever guests want to leave the castle at any time, they push a special button which recognizes the car's license plate number and the car brought up to the main hall by the car elevator.

Main Hall

Many of the rooms have keycards that scan the guests' fingerprints to get information about the guest. When the guests put the keycard in the door's slot, the room gets oriented to match the guest's personality on the keycard.


  • 17 Swimming Pools
  • 2 Rec Rooms
  • 3 Libraries
  • 1 Quiet Room


  • Sophie the Otter
  • WilliamWill2343