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The Breadknife Koala is an action drama comedy TV series based on the children's anime Adventures of the Little Koala. It aired on August 10, 2015, on Orange Otter Network (now Golden Koala Network). It is created by DHX Media, Paramount Television, WilliamWill Television, and Starfruit Animation.


This show takes place in an alternate universe as Laura Koala begins her new life as a teenager. She goes to The University of Sydney in Sydney, Australia to become an artist and she falls in love with a student named Alan Vestron. She finds out that The Wicked Wizard has taken over the city with an iron hand. So has to save Sydney from danger. She also gains a human form.



  • Laura Koala: She is an anthropomorphic koala who is now a tomboy teenager with superpowers. She is now less bratty but more sarcastic and vain, she became a fan of The Mad Max Trilogy, AC/DC and Iggy Azalea.
  • Alan Vestron: He is Laura Koala's boyfriend who is a koala. He is optimistic and a bit shy about meeting Laura the first time.
  • Trilby Anderson: Trilby is the super sporty fashionista of The Outlookers (A band consisting of herself, Dahlia Connie, and Bradley Narberth). She loves her music, fashion, and sports all in equal measures. There’s nothing Trilby won’t attempt and no challenge she won’t face head on. Trilby is a great enthusiast for life and it rubs off on her friends. In the unlikely event that any of them would ever feel a bit down, they can be sure that Trilby will be there by their side, encouraging them to get out and get active and start feeling good about themselves again.
  • Wendy Wombat: She is a spunky but stubborn wombat who is part of a boxing club called Wombat Combat Club. She's also one of Laura's friends.
  • Razzles Goodman: Razzles is the go-girl, the most logical, ordered and organized of the University Of Sydney. Her lists of things to do around the university still leave plenty of time for her love of music and dancing, too. Razzles really dazzles with the maracas, the tambourine or even helping Bradley on the drums! Plus, she sings, dances and plays the cheerleader, too. While it’s true that Razzles can be a bit bossy at times, she is always thoughtful and caring and brings a useful sense of order and pragmatism to most problems.
  • Cadence Rabbit: She is the older cousin of Floppy and Mimi Rabbit. She is an intelligent, kind, and a very trustworthy rabbit who loves chemistry and algebra.
  • Uma Emu: An emu who debuted along with her family in An Emu Named Uma. Although she's careless, she's cooperative and is an expert at languages.
  • Violet The Sugar Glider: Mingle's older sister. She is cute and sometimes cheerful and ecstatic. She acts like a bit of a mother to her little brother.
  • Miki-Miki: Maki-Maki's daughter. She is a frill-necked lizard who is caring and willing to help out but also has her father's paranoia (especially in her earliest appearances). She debuts in the Season 2 episode "Miki-Miki, What's So Freaky?".
  • Patty Puss: The resourceful, geeky daughter of Duckbill. She is constantly made fun of by the bully Kane Kangaroo (Walter, Horsey, and Colt's cousin). 
  • Cook Aburra: A top chef kookaburra in Sydney. He is known for cooking exotic recipes.


  • Kane Kangaroo: The bully of the University of Sydney. He enjoys nothing more than picking fights with other peers. He's also Walter, Horsey, and Colt's older cousin. He enjoys 80's New Wave rock, Team Fortress 2, and Indie culture. It has been hinted that his behavior may have been passed down to his younger cousins before AotLK took place. 


  • The Wicked Wizard: Originating in the AotLK episode "Is Weather a Frog?", he is a mean wizard dingo whose magic tricks were originally jokes in the episode. However, in The Breadknife Koala, his tricks are actually real and has formed a team of sorcerers.
  • The Wily Witch: The Wicked Wizard's wife. She is the second-in-command. 
  • Selena Katherine: A four-year-old human sorceress who can create transformation and transgender spells.
  • Sheryl Ecco: She is a nine-year-old skunk sorceress who can transform into a dolphin, create water spells, and transform into other substances.
  • Davey Devil: A Tasmanian Devil-Demon hybrid who can control poison.
  • Millie Kitty: She is a cat sorceress who uses fire spells, Transforms people into frogs, lizards, and transform herself into a werewolf.


Season 1 (August 2015-February 2016, 26 Episodes)

Episode No. Title Premise Airdate Ratings
1 University Beginnings Laura goes to The University of Sydney for the first time. August 10, 2015 17.56
2 A Familiar Foe She meets a foe that is called The Wicked Wizard and his team of sorcerers. August 17, 2015 18.24
3 Saving Private Katherine Laura has to save Katherine Koala who is being kidnapped and turned into a cow by The Wicked Wizard. August 24, 2015 17.79
4 Oh, Roobear! Laura tries to find her now little brother Roobear, who ended up lost in the woods. August 31, 2015 18.52
5 A Magic Paintbrush Laura finds a pink paintbrush in the hallway and uses it to paint a beautiful canyon with flowers and creatures that are called Charlicats (Part Kittens, Part Dragonflies) for a art competition. The paintbrush suddenly opens up a portal and sucks Laura into a parallel universe called Florolla. September 7, 2015 19.98
6 Human Hullabaloo Laura discovers that she can become a human at will. September 14, 2015 19.45
7 The Date Alan Vestron asks Laura to go out on a date. Will the date go out as planned? September 21, 2015 21.67
8 Swapped Personalities The Wicked Wizard and the other sorcerers have planned to switch everyone in Sydney's personalities to the complete opposites. What will Laura and her friends do now? September 28, 2015 20.65
9 Phantom of the Opera House A ghost clone of The Wicked Wizard has been released to infiltrate the Opera House in Sydney and cause destruction. Can Laura find a way to stop the evil spirit? October 5, 2015 18.69
10 Boxing Blues Wendy Wombat's boxing gloves were stolen by The Wicked Wizard, who refuses to give them back. To make matters worse, Wendy has to train in just 30 minutes! Can Wendy and the rest retrieve them in time? October 12, 2015 19.52
11 The Big Night-Out Laura and the gang decide to go out for the night in Sydney. Let's see how their night-out went! October 19, 2015 20.55
12 Koala-Ween It's Halloween, and Laura considers that she's never too old for trick or treating. She goes out with her friends at night, collecting candy along the way. However, The Wicked Wizard and his team interferes with them as they unleash a ton of monsters. Can the heroes put a stop to it? October 26, 2015 21.45
13 Chemistry Experiment Gone Wrong Cadence's latest experiment has gone awry, accidentally covering herself in a very icky substance, and thus terrifying her friends. Can Laura and the gang clean it off before someone sees Cadence? November 2, 2015 21.21
14 The Outlookers' Concert Laura and her friends are ready to go out for The Outlookers' concert tonight. However, their tickets disappear thanks to The Wicked Wizard. How will the heroes make the tickets reappear so they'll be able to go? November 9, 2015 28.52
15 Is Laura a Frog? A sequel to AotLK's episode Is Weather a Frog, Millie Kitty transforms Laura into a frog, making her unable to enter the university. November 16, 2015 30.55
16 An Emu named Uma Uma Emu moves into Sydney with her family. Laura becomes desperate to get to know her. November 23, 2015 25.86
17 Foot-Brawl During a game of Australian football, The Wicked Wizard is altering the direction of the ball, confusing both teams. Will Laura take care of it or will the game be ruined? November 30, 2015 24.86
18 The Boomerang Contest The University of Sydney is holding the annual Boomerang Contest, in which students create boomerangs that are given results by the judges. Laura really wants to win, but she and her friends have limited supplies. What can they do to make the best boomerang? December 7, 2015 27.55
19 Wendy's Boxing 101 Wendy decides to host a new program called Boxing 101. December 14, 2015 25.59
20 Merry Christmas, Laura! It's almost Christmas in Australia. However, Laura still doesn't know what she wants. So she decides to write one down. But then, the Wicked Wizard manages to steal the list and massacre Santa's workshop. Can Laura and the rest save Christmas? December 21, 2015 27.52
21 Eye Will Push it to the Test Uma Emu is struggling to see the board properly in every class. As a result, she borrows her twin sister Emmy Emu's glasses. December 28, 2015 25.52
22 Violet and Mingle Violet is revealed to be Mingle's big sister when Mingle comes over to visit the gang, revealing that Mingle isn't the only orphan when Mr. and Mrs. Sugar Glider, the parents died in a fire.  January 4, 2016 24.57
23 Queen Razzles Razzles makes up a new ego for herself, Queen Razzles. However, her new personality is overwhelming the others. January 11, 2016 23.89
24 Club Laura Laura establishes her own club called Club Laura. January 18, 2016 21.58
25 Sibling Rivalry Violet and her little brother Mingle end up in an argument over a gliding race. Can the others calm them down or will the battle continue? January 25, 2016 20.86
26 First Year Finish (Special Episode) Laura and her friends finally finish their first year at the University of Sydney. February 1, 2016 28.52

Season 2 (May-October 2016, 26 Episodes)

Episode No. Title Premise Airdate Ratings
1 Miki-Miki, What's So Freaky? Miki-Miki, the daughter of town crier Maki-Maki joins the University of Sydney for her first year. However, she feels shy and worried at first. Can the others help her adjust to the setting? May 2, 2016 24.78
2 Witch Way is Her Tower? Laura and her friends go on a quest to stop the Wily Witch, who constructed a tower of her very own.  May 9 2016 21.76
3 Fall-Apart Art When Laura's new sculpture of Roobear has been wrecked by the Wicked Wizard, the pieces have been scattered everywhere in the University of Sydney. It's up to her to put it back together before handing it in. May 16, 2016 22.59
4 Devil Up! Davey Devil has been haunting on Laura and her friends for hours now. To make it worse, the heroes begin to have nightmares about him. The day after, he interferes with them. Can Laura and the rest make him meet his match? May 23, 2016 23.78
5 Patty Puss' Boots Patty Puss has been made fun of by Kane Kangaroo to the point where her boots have been stolen by Kane. While convincing him to return the boots to her, Patty fails in every attempt. How will she get them back? May 30, 2016 22.84
6 Too Much Work! Laura and Alan face a ton of work to do, separating them from spending time together. Will they get it done soon enough? June 6, 2016 17.56
7 Kane vs. Wendy Wombat Learning that Kane also takes boxing lessons, Wendy goes face to face with him in a boxing match. Can she win? June 13, 2016 25.56
8 Cool in the Pool Laura hosts an indoor pool party for her friends. But the bad news is that halfway through the party, The Wicked Wizard crashes in with his army. June 20, 2016 22.78
9 Cook Aburra Laura and her friends get to see the top chef of Sydney, Cook Aburra. June 27, 2016 26.59
10 Gender Bender Laura and Alan's genders become swapped thanks to a spell by Selena Katherine. Laura is renamed Larson and Alan becomes Alanna. July 4, 2016 24.59
11 TSI (Time Scene Investigation) A soon-to-be-identified culprit has messed with the clocks, confusing the citizens with their schedules. Can Laura fix it? July 11, 2016 25.59
12 Zen It Was Dark The lights went out during a meditation lesson, making Laura and her friends unable to concentrate. July 18, 2016 26.73
13 Big Blueberry Problems While picking blueberries at the forest, Wendy and Laura get transformed into big blueberries by Selena Katherine. July 25, 2016 25.56
14 The Sacred Scepters During a spelunking adventure in the CarrenWook Caverns, Laura finds three scepters inside a room filled gold. August 1, 2016 25.46
15 The Kiki to Success Kane Kangaroo's little sister Kiki comes to see Laura and her friends. Kiki is soon accepted into helping them work on a history poster. August 8, 2016 24.54
16 A Transformation Effect Kane Kangaroo and Selena Katherine accidentally turns Wendy Wombat into a horse permanently after fighting over a magical necklace that Selena made, and turns Wendy's sister, Connie Wombat into a pig whom Wendy has to babysit. It's up to Laura and her friends to turn Wendy back to normal before her dad finds out. August 15, 2016 23.79
17 A Song Predicament Cadence Rabbit has to go practice for the performance tonight but she has only one problem: She doesn't know how to sing a song. August 22, 2016 23.75
18 An American in the Brink Laura and Cadence meet an American Marten named Floyd Martin who loves roller-skating and dancing. August 29, 2016 25.79
19 Rabbit Power Cadence Rabbit has made a serum which turns her into a superhero, she has fun doing some things with her new superpowers. September 5, 2016 25.75
20 Swapping Ages The Wily Witch has swapped the ages of Laura Koala and Katherine Koala, making Katherine a teenager, and Laura a child. September 12, 2016 21.48
21 Trilby is Lying Trilby accidentally tells her friends that she had a dark past and Razzles starts to have some empathy for her. September 19, 2016 25.88
22 Laura's Birthday Laura is excited for her upcoming birthday, but the bad news is that nobody feels like visiting her party, even if it looks super-fancy. September 26, 2016 28.76
23 A New Village Laura Koala and Patty Puss go to a village called Maggieburg, where it is known to have Spaghetti and a shocking mystery. November 21, 2016 23.71
24 Razzles' Dark Past: Part 1 After finding out that Razzles Goodman has a dark past too, Laura Koala wants to know more about her. November 28, 2016 25.56
25 Razzles' Dark Past: Part 2 After Razzles tells her friends about her dark past, Laura Koala wants to try and make things right again. December 5, 2016 27.56