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The Adult Life
is a comedy drama animated TV series created by WilliamWill Television, Sunset Entertainment, DHX Media, and Skydance Television. It aired on October 14, 2015, on WilliamWill Network.

On December 18, 2015, it was announced that it was canceled.


The show focuses on WilliamWill's characters in an alternate timeline in which they knew each other as adults. They would have many adventures as adults and would show them going to college, having jobs, getting married, having children of their own, etc. and will not show WilliamWill2343 in this type of timeline.


  • Katherine Koala: A funny, charismatic and sarcastic 39-year-old female koala who is a comedian, actress, artist, cartoonist, inventor, and author. She has a husband named Hamilton Koala and 7 children named Natalie Koala (18 years old), Fredrick Koala (17 years old), Sofia Koala (14 years old), Wagner Koala (12 years old), Debbie Koala (10 years old), Zachary Koala (5 years old), Hayley Koala (2 years old). They live in Sheilapolis. She always does her work perfectly.
  • Melody: An intelligent and cute 22-year-old female anthropomorphic kitten who works at Oxford University as a scientist, and has a husband named Woodler Kitten.
  • Becky Bopper: A self-centered, cute and honest 33-year-old human girl who is an owner of a café called Bopper Café. She also works as a supermodel. She has a husband named Larry Leopold Pucker and 2 children named Patty Bopper (12 years old) and Zara Bopper (7 years old). They live in Winkyton.
  • Brenda Wagner: A fun-loving, creative 18-year-old human fairy who works at Willow University as an artist and a magician.
  • Halley Wagner: A flirty, sexy, and charismatic 28-year-old female human who owns a pasta restaurant called Wagner's Pasta. She has a husband named Daryl Conrad, and 2 children named Zora Wagner (10 years old) and Scott Wagner (8 years old)
  • Isabella Diego: A witty, resourceful and cheerful 36-year-old Latina who is an owner of a bookstore named "Isabella's Novels and Books" and a book publishing company called Isabella Publishers. She is also a teacher and a dancer. She has a husband named Aaron Sky-Diego and 4 children named Catalina Diego (14 years old), Felipe Diego (11 years old), Esmeralda Diego (8 years old), and Guillermo Diego (3 years old). They live in Espinozavitlolan.
  • Sally Katrina Homes: A cheerful, cute, and friendly 26-year-old human girl who is the owner of a music publishing company called Sally Records. She has a husband named Calvin Vanilla and has 3 children, Calia Homes (4 years old), Katie Homes Jr. (6 years old) and Jill Xaviera Homes (8 years old). They live in New Sylvania.
  • Reena Raccoon: A smart, tough, cheerful, 27-year-old female raccoon who is the leader of an organization called Reena Security Systems. She has a husband named Rico Raccoon and a child named Amber Raccoon (4 years old).
  • Jennifer Koala: An intelligent, charming, 26-year-old koala who is the sister of Katherine Koala. She is a Fanfiction writer, scientist, and cook. She has a husband named Vincent Koala, and 2 children named Barry Koala and Sarah Koala.


Season 1 (October 2015-March 2016)

Episode No. Title Premise Airdate Ratings
1 Katherine Koala, Comedy Lover

After graduating from college, 21-year-old comedic actress Katherine Koala has decided to move out of her home. She ends up finding a nice house in Sheilapolis and decides to live there. She meets her roommate, her 30-year-old clever engineer boyfriend named Hamilton Koala. The two get along, and they were married and they find themselves having to work together to stop a bank robbery.

October 14, 2015, 27.45
2 Isabella Diego, Party Planner

26-year-old party planner Isabella Diego hosts a party at 7-year-old pop cultural Zara Bopper's house, but her parents, Becky Bopper and Larry Leopold Pucker, are wanting this to be the best one yet. so Isabella decides to go and find some things that will make this party spectacular.

October 21, 2015, 21.86
3 Natalie Koala, Technology Expert 18-year-old techno whiz Natalie Koala creates a robot named Cathy, which can be a big help with her life. November 4, 2015 22.05
4 Becky Bopper, Café Owner 23-year-old Becky Bopper buys a building and makes it a cafe that is made all by herself named Bopper Cafe. November 11, 2015 20.57
5 Smart As A Bunny

Natalie Koala finds a little girl named Willa Cook, who is very intelligent and very hyperactive as a bunny would be. Katherine suggests that Reena should take care of her and Reena sarcastically suggests that Becky should take care of Willa.

November 18, 2015 24.42
6 Reena Knows It All When Patty Bopper gets sick and has to miss the big soccer championship between the Winkyton Sherlocks (Patty's team), and the Wilcoxton Gibsons, Reena goes to her home and tell her everything about the championship. November 25, 2015 21.20
7 Snow Fun, Snow Playdate

The Koala kids and the Diego kids decided to have a snow play date on Willow Mountains and Isabella Diego helps them prepare for the gig. 

December 2, 2015
8 A True Color Emilia Caprice, a fashion designer who has withered her childhood, has been convinced by Reena Raccoon to bring back her original self by permanently transforming into a bunny. December 9, 2015
9 Sinister Blood
10 Xmas Carol