The logo for Sheila Mink: Furry Superheroine.

Sheila Mink: Furry Superheroine is a sci-fi action animated TV series created by Telescene Television and Carrie Walton Animation. It aired on October 14, 2015, on WilliamWill Network.


This show takes place after the events of the first episode of Quantum Quintet: Family Crime Fighters, where Val N. Teer examines the piece of the Ottonic stalactite at Crossington Labs and discovered that it has special abilities. He tests the Ottonic on his 10-year-old niece Sheila Teer who has the Blue Pox and it makes her feel better. But it has a side effect that makes her turn into an anthropomorphic mink with super powers such as Flight, Ice-Fire Manipulation, Enhanced Flexibility, Brain Manipulation, and Bone Manipulation. She can transform into her fursona anytime and it won't effect her body in any form.



  • Sheila Teer/Sheila Mink: (Voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel) A smart, funny, resourceful and ecstatic 10-year-old human girl who is Val's niece. She has a fursona named Sheila Mink.
  • Connie\Connor Tyler/Connie\Connor Pika: (Voiced by Andrea Libman) A rambunctious, optimistic, playful, cute, and childish 4-year-old human girl who is Sheila's friend and sidekick. Her catchphrase is "Very Funtabulous!!" Sheila gave her the Ottonic to show Connie and it turned her anthropomorphic pika with superpowers such as Tongue Manipulation, Enhanced Senses, Gender Transformation, Solar Manipulation, Tail Manifestation, and Lava Constructs. Like Sheila, she can transform into her fursona anytime.

Recurring Characters

  • Harold Griffin-Priestley: A loyal, boisterous, happy-go-lucky, 9-year-old boy who is Sheila's friend. He loves mustelids, skateboarding, and bikes.
  • Mara Ferret: A playful, loyal, cute, and curious female ferret who is Sheila's pet. She can talk, use magic spells, and use her tail for offense and defense.
  • Jacqueline Collins: A sometimes carefree, thoughtful, independent, free-spirited, fun-loving, feminine, brave, friendly, 7-year-old girl who is Sheila's friend. She can use her crayons that are magical to draw pictures that come to life.
  • Tracey O' Brien: She is a 12-year-old girl who is resourceful, sane, and smart. She is the daughter of James O'Brien, a sneaky Irish sniper who abused her.
  • Megan Punch/Wolverine: She is an 11-year-old girl who is a tomboy and an anti-hero. She is very intelligent and can get pretty short-tempered. She can be a little sarcastic and a bit sadistic but is also very sweet and understanding. She also has the power to turn into a wolverine anytime.


  • Phillip Charlie: A ruthless, sleazy, selfish, power-hungry, 27-year-old man who wants to hunt Sheila down for her fur and become rich. However, his daughter Elisa doesn't like that idea at all.
  • Pollyanna Waddell: A smart, cunning, sadistic, 19-year-old woman who is a scientist that uses many potions and gadgets to capture Connie and Sheila for the Ottonic.
  • Shirley Zipper: A silly, self-centered, 5-year-old girl who wants to keep Sheila and Connie as her pets.

Development and Production

When this project was announced in December 2014, it was called Captain Pickles: The City War. But by July 2015, WilliamWill Media Pilot division didn't have any stories for the show and that it was canceled. At the same time, WilliamWill Enterprises' Animation Director, Carrie Walton had a concept about a girl that transforms into an anthropomorphic mink that would be a superheroine. It will be inspired by 1940's and 50's superhero cartoons and shows. The team likes that idea, so they decided to make a television show about it.


Season 1 (October 2015-January 2016, 13 Episodes)

Episode No. Title Premise Airdate Ratings
1 A Furry Beginning

Val N. Teer examines the Ottonic on Sheila Teer which turns her into an anthropomorphic mink who has superpowers. 

2 Totally Crazy Day Sheila Mink finds out that they learned about the hidden weapon her father hid in the junkyard. They decide to find it but it turns out to be just a flask or is it? 31.58
3 A Tail is a Tale

Connie Tyler finds out that she can manifest any kind of tail she wants. Her power becomes really useful when a little boy is being taken as a hostage at the top of a burning building.

4 The Prized Fighter Sheila meets a bully named Stephen Valkin who boasted that he was the best guy in Bilknia Elementary. So she decides to meet him after school for a fight, but Stephen makes a decision that he will never forget. 29.72
5 A Knight's Girl Sheila meets a little girl named April Apollo, who was Kennedy Apollo's little sister, who is stuck in a well. 31.43
6 Pickled Days Connie Pika has disappeared and Sheila has to find her. She finds Connie inside a jar filled with pickled olives (she hates olives). She was trapped by Joy Glum and James O' Brien who threatened to abuse Connie. 28.42
7 Reforming Rio Sheila wants to make Rio a good person, but she doesn't know how. She finds out that Rio was sexually abused by her partner, James Hugh to make her give birth to 500 tanukis. So she decided to save her from that dastardly deed. 24.86
8 It's Always Snowy in London

Sheila was walking around in London one day, then finding out that Trixie McTricks has trapped 4 people in Big Ben, but her ice-fire powers are a bit stronger in this time of year.

9 Science is Music Sheila meets a Musician named Floyd Martin who is making music with science and is interested in the occupation. 47.58
10 A Christmas Wonderland Connie Tyler is ready for the holidays, and Sheila is on her vacation, but she finds out that Joy Glum has locked Santa Claus in his workshop. 47.55
11 True Friends and Enemies Connie meets a little girl in her school, she says that she transforms into an anthropomorphic grison at any time. But she is very shy about showing her special talent to her friends because she'll be grounded by her abusive and villainous parents. 41.57
12 Just Cooler Days Sheila and Harold head to the skating rink to have fun. However, their fun was interrupted by Pollyanna Waddell who uses a melting machine to melt the ice. 45.67
13 Last Days

Tomorrow is the last day of school for Sheila and is very excited about the plans she has for her summer vacation. She then meets two new friends: a 12-year-old girl named Tracey O'Brien, with a dark past, and an 11-year-old girl named Megan Punch, who can turn into a wolverine.