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Rosie: Magical Teenager is a sci-fi teen drama animated TV series based on the preschool TV show, Caillou. It is produced by WilliamWill Television, Epitome Pictures, and ABC Studios. It aired on July 4, 2015, on Orange Otter Network. It was moved to Golden Koala Toon Tower when it was renamed Golden Koala Network.


This series takes place after Caillou's suicide in and after Rosie becomes a teenager. She finds a lavender wand under the couch and suddenly becomes a magical girl. She also goes to high school at Bertrand High and has a boyfriend named Andy.


  • Rosie: (Voiced by ) She is a 15-year-old teenager and an only child in the family. She is the title character of the series. She is now more talkative than ever, very independent to her own instinct, very smart at solving skills, pretty resourceful in school and home, and very cheerful. She loves Electronic Arts games, tea parties, the Degrassi franchise, dolls, Celine Dion, and horses. She also remembers everything from her childhood.
  • Andy: (Voiced by ) He is a 15-year-old teen who is Rosie's boyfriend. He is sedimentary, romantic, friendly, and sweet. He loves to draw, technology, comics, anime,
  • Julie: (Voiced by ) She is Rosie's friend that is also her former babysitter. She is friendly, sweet, classy, and sometimes attractive.
  • Sarah: (Voiced by ) She is a 17-year-old teen who is Rosie's friend. She is smart, always witty and cute, very imaginative, and carefree. She loves Nintendo games, Chinese food, painting, and karate.
  • Clementine: (Voiced by ) She is a 15-year-old teen who is Rosie's friend. She is always sarcastic and feisty, sometimes cheerful, vain and sweet, and very rebellious. She loves to exercise, basketball, tennis, and football. She is also fond of other sports.
  • Jason and Jeffrey: (Voiced by ) They are 14-year-old teens who are twins, are Rosie's friends and are Clementine's boyfriends. They are of Puerto Rican descent. They are humorous, silly, and friendly. They like pizza, Lionsgate movies, colors, and jokes.
  • Emma: (Voiced by ) She is a 17-year-old teen who is Rosie's friend. She is friendly, very bold, beautiful, charismatic, and a loudmouth. She loves making action movies, watching action movies, weapons, and pink stuff.
  • Xavier: (Voiced by ) He is a 17-year-old teen who is Emma's boyfriend. He is inquisitive, resourceful, charming and romantic.
  • Principal Ann Martin: (Voiced by ) She is the principal of Bertrand High School.
  • Mara: (Voiced by ) She is a 14-year-old teen who is Rosie's friend. She is always intelligent, helpful, ambitious, headstrong, and sweet. She loves science experiments, science, Sci-Fi, and inventing.
  • Melanie: (Voiced by ) She is a 15-year-old teen who is Rosie's friend. She is sympathetic, artistic, sweet and compassionate. She loves the fine arts, sculptures, digital art, and fan art.
  • Wendy: (Voiced by ) She is a 16-year-old teen who is Rosie's best friend. She is always chipper, very cute and cheerful, charismatic, and charming. She loves ballet, horses, dolls, pink stuff, and desserts.
  • Leo: (Voiced by ) He is a 15-year-old teen who is Melanie's boyfriend. He is cocky, inquisitive, smart, and free-spirited. He loves skateboarding, snowboarding, racing remote controlled cars, and surfing.
  • Dahlia Andrews: (Voiced by ) She is 16-year old anthropomorphic squirrel teenager who is Rosie's friend. She is happy-go-lucky, smart, witty, and independent. She loves nuts, trees, having fun, jewelry, and dancing.
  • Natalie: (Voiced by ) She is a four-year-old girl who is Rosie's sister. She is very hyperactive, cheerful, curious, and friendly. She loves mammals, water, mermaids, the stars, and nature.
  • Layla: (Voiced by ) She is a 16-year-old teen who appeared in the Season 2 episode, Layla's Super Music. She is steadfast, cheerful, kind-hearted, and sarcastically smart. She loves music, instruments, songs, dancing, and singing.


  • Diana Benson: She is a 14-year-old girl who wants to turn Rosie back into a toddler. She can create age shifting spells and can control earth.
  • Lee-Wun: She is a mischievous and sinister 4-year-old girl who wants to ruin Rosie's life.


Season 1 (July-December 2015, 26 Episodes)

Episode No. Title Premise Airdate Ratings
1 First Day of High School Rosie goes to Bertrand High for the first time. She also meets Andy. July 4, 2015 14.67
2 Magic Tragedy Rosie's spells are struggling to work properly. Rosie has to find a way to make it succeed. July 11, 2015 17.52
3 Pep Rally Spirit Rosie signs up to join the cheerleading squad at school. July 18, 2015 18.13
4 Cheat Code Mode Rosie looks up cheat codes for The Sims 4 online and experiments with every cheat code offered. July 25, 2015 19.46
5 Stroll Down Memory Lane Julie and Rosie look through a photo album when Julie babysat Rosie as a toddler. August 1, 2015 19.89
6 Aged Down Rosie has been affected by Diana's spells, making her temporarily her old toddler self. How can the others change her back to normal? August 8, 2015 19.98
7 Karate Lessons Rosie wants to try something appealing to boys (and tomboys, of course), even though she is very girly. Sarah teaches Rosie some karate moves.  August 15, 2015 19.87
8 Game Battles Rosie and her friends host a video game tournament for themselves. August 22, 2015 19.53
9 X-Tra Special Surprise Rosie discovers a surprise box with weird writing. What would it be? August 29, 2015 19.98
10 Elegance, My Dear Robert Rosie decides to have a date with Andy in a form of a tea party. September 5, 2015 18.35
11 Twin Troubles When going for a date, Clementine is having trouble deciding which twin to go out on for a date. Is it Jason or Jeffrey? September 12, 2015 19.24
12 Leaf-ing a Mark Rosie makes arts and crafts using old leaves with her friends. September 19, 2015 18.56
13 Fine Sunday Drive Rosie and her friends go for a Sunday drive around town. September 26, 2015 19.69
14 Ethnicities Unite! Everyone understands his/her own ethnicities and the origin of his/her family tree. October 3, 2015 21.59
15 Lights, Camera, Action Movie Day Emma sets up an Action Movie Day for Rosie and the others. October 10, 2015 21.59
16 Fan Art Thief A hacker has stolen Melanie's fan-art of the Sylvanian Families characters on DeviantArt. Rosie and the rest need to find out who the culprit was and help Melanie set up a stronger password.  October 17, 2015 19.56
17 Alien Invasion Diana Benson's cronies have sent out alien beings to attack Bertrand High. It's up to Rosie and her friends to get rid of them. October 24, 2015 12.69
18 A New Teen Deedee has been transformed into an anthropomorphic squirrel teenager by a magical force and was renamed, Dahlia Andrews. She was enrolled to Bertrand High and she met Rosie there. October 31, 2015 19.89
19 Say NO to Drugs Rosie is given the option of doing drugs from a gang of teenagers, but she refuses. November 6, 2015 21.58
20 Circus Breakers Rosie remembers the day that she went to the circus with her mom and dad when she was a toddler. She loved the circus so much that she wants to relive that dream of joining the Franklin Sisters Circus. So she decided to go join the circus as a lion tamer when two anthropomorphic bunnies named David and Athena decided to ruin the circus. November 13, 2015 20.45
21 The Big Race Leo decides to put on a remote controlled car race after school for his friends. He has himself, Trent, and Xavier qualifying for the race. November 20, 2015 24.58
22 Thanksgiving Butterfly Rosie decides to hold a Thanksgiving party for her friends and family and her friends' families. She decided to add Monarch Butterflies to the party to make it more beautiful. November 27, 2015 24.89
23 A Snowball to the Knee On a vacation to the Wilcoxton Ski Resort. Rosie and her friends decided to have some fun in the snow. December 4, 2015 18.53
24 Black Swan Lake Wendy gives Clementine the role of Odette in the play Swan Lake after she was sick with the flu. But Clementine declines the role. Her friends want to convince Clementine to take the role. December 11, 2015 25.56
25 Rosie's Lovely Holiday: Part 1 Rosie bakes some Christmas cookies all by herself for the Christmas party at Bertrand High. Then she helps her mom and dad with the Christmas decorations and the tree. Then she decided to sing some Christmas carols with her friends and family. December 18, 2015 23.58
26 Rosie's Lovely Holiday: Part 2 On Christmas Day, She gets a Nintendo Wii U, SimCity 4, Medal of Honor (1999 video game), a baseball glove, The Hunger Games series, Mad Max Fury Road, a magical potion called Aliamum, and some fan art of Popples. Her mother gives birth to a girl named Natalie which was transformed into a four-year-old one hour later. Rosie also does a magic show, making Teddy and Rexy disappear and turning Gilbert the cat into a rabbit. December 25, 2015 23.97

Season 2 (May 2016-February 2017, 40 Episodes)

Episode No. Title Premise Airdate Ratings
1 Rosie's New City Rosie decides to build a new city called Hinkltown and moves her high school and home to her city. She also turns one of her dolls into a 25-year-old girl named Alice Darby to became the mayor. May 2, 2016 58.85
2 Sibling Switched: Part 1 Lee-Wun uses her powers to resurrect Caillou and make him evil. Caillou and Rosie meet up at Sarah's house and they switch bodies with his powers and locks the switched Rosie inside Sarah's closet as Sarah and Wendy see the whole thing. The switched Caillou kidnaps Principal Martin, locks her in a classroom, and proclaims Lee-Wun as the new principal. May 9, 2016 23.88
3 Sibling Switched: Part 2 The switched Rosie uses her powers to switch back to their original bodies and finds out that Lee-Wun is behind all this and decides to defeat her. May 16, 2016 21.88
4 Rosie's Call to Peggle Rosie decides to play the whole Peggle with her best friend Wendy. May 23, 2016 20.89
5 Rosie's First Sleepover Rosie calls her friends to come to her house to have a slumber party. They will have pillow fights, watch movies, and eat pizza and hamburgers. May 30, 2016
6 Rosie the New Babysitter Rosie takes over Julie's job as babysitter as she is tasked to babysit the Switchback Kids: Joey, Valerie, Dave, Piper, Sammy, Juliet, Carlos, Amanda, Timothy, and Gabrielle Switchback (this reveals the LICK Squad (from Sophie's Hoohaw Hoo and New Year Extravaganza)'s human forms). June 6, 2016
7 Rosie's Book Club Rosie decided to make her own book club at the Hinklton Library and they are reading the finest books. June 13, 2016
8 Bowling for Natalie Rosie and Natalie head to the Rodster Bowling Alley to show her how to bowl. June 20, 2016
9 Sarah's New Dress Rosie makes a beautiful, new dress for Sarah to wear at the prom, but she doesn't want it because she's got an another dress that's as beautiful as this one. June 27, 2016

Wendy's Princess Song

Wendy decides to sing a song about a little princess who is in love with a prince in the Bertrand High School talent show. August 3, 2016
11 Poet's Block

The teens struggle over a challenging poetry assignment they have to do for English class. Rosie is especially perplexed by it, but Sarah helps him out in secret.

August 10, 2016
12 A Babysitter's Life Leo and Emma refuse to properly babysit Clementine's little sister Vanessa and her friend Matthew since it would interfere with their plans. Instead, the kids are left alone, where they wreak havoc on their home. August 17, 2016
13 Prom Problems Lee-Wun uses magic to turn Clementine and Rosie into dogs and when Ann Martin suggested that Clementine would be dancing in the prom and Rosie to host the prom, there's only one problem: No dogs allowed. Mara and Andy put their heads together to come up with a solution, a holographic machine. But when Lee-Wun brainwashes Clementine into thinking she's a "mad dog", pandemonium ensues. August 21, 2016
14 Layla's Super Music Layla goes to Bertrand High School on her first day of school. She was given the task of playing a solo in the Classical Music Extravaganza. August 28, 2016
15 The Hundred Games Andy and Clementine decided to hold a competition in which the contestants have compete in 100 different games and the winner gets to star in a new movie. September 4, 2016
16 Vineyard Babies The gang meets a bunch of babies in a vineyard near Chipotleville. They find out that they are the remaining citizens in the vineyard that was destroyed by Marshall Edwards. September 11, 2016
17 All That Tinkers Rosie, Sarah and Wendy somehow tinkers with the controls on a submarine and it heads to a mysterious ridge in the mountains. October 2, 2016
18 Layla's Lover

Layla finds herself a new boyfriend named Frankie who suddenly confesses her love for her. Layla also wants him to come to her new house.

October 9, 2016
19 A Cold Play
20 Storytime in Colorland