Ronnie Raccoon

Here's a picture of Ronnie Raccoon, Reena's older brother.

Ronnie Raccoon is a 12-year-old male raccoon who is the first born son of Selena and Frankie Raccoon, Reena, Rogan and Richard's older brother and is the cousin of Nook, Carrie, Millie and Bennett Raccoon. He was born on January 4, 2005, in Cigam, Washington.



He is pretty laid back, very easygoing, and quite calm. He is also pretty headstrong, quite wayward, and very strong-willed. He is pretty appealing, quite good-looking, and is always engaging. He is also dependent on his friends, and very considerable to his family, especially to his sister. He is also sort of clever, pretty wise, and is quite educated. He is a little bit clumsy, sometimes very accident-prone, but is always very careful, and is quite butterfingered. He is also pretty sarcastic, sometimes can be pretty ironic, and is quite trenchant.

He loves to eat strawberries as they are his favorite fruit. He also loves to do culinary arts, because he likes cooking and eating many types of food. He loves to go skateboarding at Augustine Skatepark with his friends and his cousin, Nook. He also loves horses as he wanted to ride on one his whole life. He also loves to draw pictures of horses and likes reading about them as well. He also loves going to England as it sounded like a really friendly place, especially if he has already been there as Rio Raccoon. He loves to collect action figures and his favorites are Sheila Teer, ConCream, The WaterLily, The Infantile Heroes, The McSiders, and Mr. StrikeLing. He also loves to play chess with his friend Jane Chinchilla, and always is a good sport about it. He also loves to work with robotics as much as his little brother, Rogan Raccoon, and he loves to watch movies about robots. He also loves to play football with his dad and uncle, Frankie Monroe and Scott Raccoon. He also loves his favorite football team, the Cigam Collies, and the Super Bowl is his one of his most favorite events ever. Plus, He loves to do woodworking like his younger sister, and his father. He loves to carve out horses, robots, superheroes, and statues.


He has light brown hair and has burgundy red eyes. His clothing consists of a military green shirt with a big 47 in the middle he wears gunmetal black pants. He also has a really long tail (give or take 73 in.) which can be pretty useful for offense and defense, as a prehensile tail, and can also be wrapped around him like a cuddly blanket. His second outfit consists of a burgundy red shirt with red and orange stripes and yellow and sea green hems. His winter outfit consists of an orange and blue snowcap, a yellow hoodie, forest green pants, and blue boots. His Christmas outfit consists of a forest green sweater with a red ornament in the middle and red sweatpants.