Rise of the Five New Egos is the first episode in the TV series, Quantum Quintet: Family Crime Fighters. It aired on July 6, 2015.


When a new mineral Ottonic has been discovered, it soon eroded into the waters of Lake Hoohaw. After consuming some water, the Otter Family becomes the Quantum Quintet for the first time.


[We see a helicopter from a British science laboratory called Crossington Tech land at a geographical site]

Val N. Teer: "So, team. We are here to search for minerals."

Helen Jennifer: "Alright, Val. "

Norman Bonnie: "If we discover one..."

Stella Wendy: "We'll take note."

Perry Xavier: "Let's search in that cave."

[Stella finds a pink stalactite in a cave above a river]

Stella: "Unusual. Must be a new mineral."

Val N. Teer: "Let me see that stalactite."

[Val examines and observes the stalactite closely]

Val: "Ah, I see. This mineral seems to be very powerful when it is mixed in with water. It will be officially known as Ottonic because its color resembles an pink otter. We'll take a sample of the stalactite to the lab for examination."

Helen: "Ok, Professor Val."

[Val breaks a piece off of the stalactite and the geologists go back to the helicopter and it takes off]

[That night, it rained and the stalactite falls into the waters of Lake Hoohaw and soon becomes eroded to it]

[The next morning....]

[We zoom into PB&J's bedroom]

Ernest: "Get up! It's morning time!"

Jelly: "Yipee!"

Baby Butter: "Yay!"

Peanut: "I know, I know. Let us take our time, OK?"

[PB&J slide down the bedroom slide and into the kitchen]

Opal: "Good morning, kids!"

Jelly: "Good morning, mama!"

Ernest: "So, before breakfast, since it's a tad too early, let's take a quick stroll outside."

Peanut: "Sounds good to me, dad!"

Baby Butter: "Yay!"

[The Otter Family goes outside]

Jelly: "Perhaps a stop by at the lake?"

Peanut: "Good idea, Jel!"

Baby Butter: "Lakey!"

[The Otter Family goes to the lake]

Peanut: "What's that weird stuff floating in the lake? I think it's something that makes the water edible!"

Jelly: "Looks pink."

Baby Butter: "Pinky."

Opal: "I don't know if we can drink the water with that stuff."

Peanut: "Wanna taste test?"

Jelly: "Sure!"

Ernest: "Let's give it a try!"

[The Otter Family drinks the water]

Opal: "Oh my goodness. I'm feeling something weird."

Jelly: "Me too, mama."

Peanut: (realizing that a transformation is ready to take place) "Huh? What's happening? We're already starting to change!"

[They start to gain superpowers, turning them into the soon-to-be-called Quantum Quintet in the process]

Infantitan: "It appears that we have an alternate ego."

Ultra Jellina: "Wait! You can talk!"

Infantitan: "Yep. My intellect has received a dramatic increase."

[Ultra Jellina starts testing out her powers]

Ultra Jellina: "Look! I can generate some electricity."

[Ultra Jellina starts to control time]

Ultra Jellina: "I'm also a time controller. I am able to make things the past or the future."

[She begins to run around in circles very fast]

[Musteelid is shown creating some steel and controlling it]

Musteelid: "I'm a steel expert!"

[Infantitan begins to transform into a fox]

Infantitan: "I am able to become an animal or object at will."

[She begins to create some ice and controls it]

Infantitan: "I can also generate and control ice."

[She begins to scream]

Infantitan: "And my sonic screams can break obstacles or defeat villains."

[Paternamo begins to lift a big boat]

Paternamo: "I am very strong!"

William Tell Howard: (offscreen) "That's because you five have superpowers."

Paternamo: "Who said that?"

[William Tell Howard steps in]

William Tell Howard: "That was me. I'm sorry about that, where are my manners? My name is William Tell Howard, General of the United Nations Army."

Paternamo: "Why hello Mr. Howard."

Infantitan: "Provide us your complete backstory."

William Tell Howard: "I was born in the Billyoder Islands, where the Howard Family lives. I started the United Nations Army in 2010. We have battled many evil foes like Joseph Bertrand, The Salems, and The Barney Bunch."

Musteelid: "Neat."

William Tell Howard: "My alliance and I will assist you on your missions."

Infantitan: "Sure enough!"

[We iris out]

(The End)