This is the logo for Reena Raccoon's Rocky Mountain Adventure.

Reena Raccoon's Rocky Mountain Adventure is a fictional action-adventure video game by WilliamWill Interactive. It was released on December 1st, 2015 in North America exclusively on the PS3 and the PS4.


Reena Raccoon is tasked by the Anthropomorphic Agency of Spies to take down a secret terrorist organization called BUTTERFLY, which is threatened to start a nuclear war on Japan and Italy. Their main base of operations is in the Rocky Mountains, and the other five bases of operations are in Moscow, Dubai, Vancouver, Edinburgh, and Rio de Janeiro. Reena is the perfect girl for the job and goes to every single place that BUTTERFLY is headquartered.


This game has an open world where you can explore each area as Reena Raccoon, and the other AAOS agents such as Sarah Snake, Colby and Cathy Cat, Ted Bat, Bessie Skunk, Zara Fox, Ginger Dingo, Jeremy Jerboa, Paulina Penguin, Rose Flamingo, Nicholas Newt, Poppy Dog, Hope Rabbit, Andy Armadillo, Leona Seal, Dinah Triceratops, Lilac Kinkajou. You can also go do several side missions and tasks with other people in the world. AAOS Leader Harold Chinchilla will help you in the tutorials. Her actions are shown through her personality. The health system consists of a health pie chart (with each segment having to be cracked up to 20 times before breakage).

Stealthy Side

Her stealthy side makes her sneak through security guards, cameras and lasers, use an arsenal of gadgets and make plans.

Playful Side

Her Playful Side makes her jump higher, glide, run faster, and is acrobatic. Unlike the other two sides, Reena can only attack by jumping on enemies.

Aggressive Side

Her Aggressive side makes her use her karate moves, use multiple weapons, and use her superpowers.