The Pegtropolis Logo

This is the logo for the television series, Pegtropolis.

Pegtropolis is a preschool comedy series produced by Sony Pictures Television, ABC Studios, and WilliamWill Television. It will air on October 20, 2017, on Kindergarten Bunny Network. The project that was supposed to be a drama show was dropped on May 21, 2015, due to development issues. It was soon revamped as a preschool comedy. 


This series was originally planned to be a city named Pegtropolis that is controlled by Ana Platypus and her Militia. Three members of the council in the city will have to kill her with the Golden Crystal. But she destroys the Golden Crystal and made herself the mayor of this town but it was dropped by the WilliamWill Networks staff.

It will now be a city that is made up of blocks and the plot has been changed to a group of five 6-year-olds learning about geometry and science.

Characters from the original draft

  • Juliana Brown: She is the first member of the council of Pegtropolis. She is intelligent, cheerful and strong-willed.
  • Wesley Rickson: He is the second member of the council of Pegtropolis. He is
  • Karen Paradon

Characters from the new draft

  • Zach
  • Ally
  • Harold
  • Samantha
  • Wally