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Little Einsteins X is an action drama TV series based on Little Einsteins. It was created by WilliamWill Television, Mutant Enemy Productions, OddLot Entertainment and ABC Studios. It aired on July 12, 2015, on Orange Otter Network's Toon Lagoon.

It was suddenly canceled after the rebranding of Orange Otter Network, which became the Golden Koala Network


Eight six-year-old girls with shapeshifting abilities go into the Little Einsteins headquarters that night and make it their home. They decided to make this place a lot more roomy and modern. So they made the headquarters a little bit modern and a lot bigger. They told the Little Einsteins about their work and Big Jet (He is driven by Gonzales Edwards, the leader of a secret evil organization called The Beacon). They also killed June and Quincy because they want to have 10 members of the New Little Einsteins. Leo and Annie agreed to their deal and they become the New Little Einsteins.


The New Little Einsteins

  • Vanessa Goddard: A six-year-old New Yorker girl who is the leader of the New Little Einsteins who can transform into anything at will. She is optimistic and very sedimentary.
  • Kylie Wattson: A six-year-old Californian girl who can transform into any animal. She is very shy, compassionate, intelligent and cute.
  • Angie Mills: A six-year-old British girl who can transform into any creature. She is brash, inquisitive, elegant, and smart.
  • Emma Sampson: A six-year-old Irish girl who can transform into any inanimate object. She is artistic, obnoxious, and loving.
  • Yvonne LaVert: A six-year-old African-American girl who can transform into any bird. She is steadfast, heroic, brave, and daring.
  • Samantha Nobel: A six-year-old Norwegian girl who can transform into a Mermaid. She is optimistic, independent, strong-willed, and idealistic.
  • Jenna Alexandra: A six-year-old Australian girl who can transform into any reptile or amphibian. She is cute, witty and resourceful.
  • Solaria the Cat: a kitten who can transform into a human. She is the team pet of the group. She is cheerful, optimistic and sweet.


  • Kathy Wilkerson: a four-year-old girl who can transform into a skunk and a fairy, can control air and can produce age spells.


The Beacon

  • Gonzales Edwards: The leader of a secret terrorist organization called The Beacon.
  • Vanilli Allison: She is a ruthless arsonist who wants everyone to burn down in flames.
  • Madison Cabell: She is a pilot who flies a stealth jet called the Beanstalker. She is mischievous and evil.
  • Darby Inferno: She is a two-year-old girl baby that can change her age and produce magic spells.
  • Violet Waddington: She is a 15-year-old girl who can transform into a giant and can control fire and lava.
  • Debra Cameroon: She is an 8-year-old girl who can transform into a cobra and can produce disease spells.


Season 1 (July 2015-January 2016, 26 Episodes)

Episode No. Title Premise Airdate Ratings
1 Our First Mission After the formation of the new team, the New Little Einsteins embark on their first mission. July 12th, 2015 25.45
2 Big Jet! The eight girls encounter Big Jet for the first time after Leo and Annie spot them. July 19, 2015 24.15
3 Solaria's Disappearance Solaria has been kidnapped by Gonzales Edwards and her transformation ability has been disabled. Can the New Little Einsteins rescue her or will their team pet be no more? July 26, 2015 24.68
4 Mixed-Up Moves  Vanessa and her allies seem to have switched powers from a spell by Gonzales Edwards during a mission to rescue Vanessa's cousin Blake. How will they match up their powers? August 2, 2015 15.53
5 The New Little Einsteins vs. The Beacon The Beacon is jealous of the success the New Little Einsteins possess. So they try to reveal themselves fully to the heroes. August 9, 2015 24.52
6 Where's Our Leader? Vanessa ends up getting kidnapped by The Beacon. As a result, the others have to recover their leader. August 16, 2015 23.58
7 Halt to the Vault One night, Vanilli and Madison broke into the HQ and have gotten a hold of the money inside the vault. After getting away with them the next morning, the heroes need to get the money back. August 23, 2015 21.98
8 No-Luck Amok The heroes are experiencing a bit of bad luck as part of a curse by The Beacon. Can they remove the curse before it gets even worse? August 30, 2015 21.76
9 Oh no! Evil Spirits Gonzales makes the spirits of June and Quincy come to life as evil kids. Will the heroes blow them away? September 6, 2015 21.58
10 Animal Jammed The animals at the Bronx Zoo have been forced to escape by The Beacon and end up in the headquarters. It's up to the New Little Einsteins to return them. September 13, 2015 25.56
11 Tourist Fires On a tour in Las Vegas, Vanilli prepares to burn the casinos, but can the heroes stop her? September 20, 2015 24.86
12 Paint Rob A paintball gun fight comes to the headquarters and chases the heroes out. How will they put an end to it? September 27, 2015 21.48
13 Babies Alive The heroes become 2-year-old toddlers thanks to a spell by Darby Inferno. Can they return to their normal age? October 4, 2015 19.45
14 Jack and the Beanstalker Madison Cabell's brother Jack has taken control of the Beanstalker when Madison was sick. Jack attempts to attack the New Little Einsteins. It's up to the heroes to prevent themselves from damage! October 11, 2015 19.23
15 Gooey Trap The New Little Einsteins become stuck in a gooey substance and are struggling to break free. October 18, 2015 18.53
16 Transylvanian Family A family of vampires called the VonVenom family have invaded the New Little Einsteins' rocket ship! It's up to them to kick them off! October 25, 2015 17.56
17 Sick Trick The New Little Einsteins have gained a contagious disease thanks to Debra. Can they get rid of it? November 1, 2015 19.33
18 Older Means Bolder! Kathy decides to make the New Little Einsteins into 18-year-olds, giving them an amazing advantage. November 8, 2015 21.56
19 Passwords of Wisdom The heroes decide to think of a strong password to protect their HQ. November 15, 2015 22.56
20 Thanks a Lot, Evil-Doers! The Beacon has disguised as Pilgrims and Indians and is ready to attack the HQ! What will the heroes do to stop them? November 22, 2015 18.55
21 Total Confusion The New Little Einsteins get teleported to a different dimension. They see that the New Little Einsteins are the villains and The Beacon are the heroes. But when The Beacon destroys the bank, the people think that The Beacon has joined the New Little Einsteins, now can our New Little Einsteins save The Beacon? November 29, 2015 17.55
22 Leo's New Gender Angie's new invention goes horribly wrong, Leo gets turned into a girl! Leila must learn to live like a girl with help from Kylie whilst Angie try to convince Vanessa to make an invention to turn her into a boy again. (This will be finished in the Season 2 première.) December 6, 2015 15.55
23 Skunky Cove Darby Inferno permanently turned Kathy Wilkerson into a skunk and made her live in a cave. December 13, 2015 19.55
24 Snowmen Frenzy New Little Einsteins members Yvonne LaVert and Angie Mills have been frozen by an experiment made by Troy Princess who was taking a vacation with his family. December 20, 2015 17.56