Lake Hoohaw's Crisis: Part 2 is the second part of the two-part season finale of Quantum Quintet: Family Crime Fighters. It aired on December 28, 2015.


Demon Alice and the others have just set foot in Lake Hoohaw, ready to cause destruction, but fortunately, the Quantum Quintet and their allies try to take them down.


Spongy: Previously... On Quantum Quintet.

(a recap of the last episode)


Demon Alice: "It's still your turn to face your fears!"

Daniella Koala: "You'll be our next meal...."

Peanut: "Come on, my family! Let's turn into the Quantum Quintet now!"

[They turn into the Quantum Quintet]

Jigglypuff Kelly: "What in the world?! Oh no! This can't be!"

Infantitan: "Remain silent as I shriek with a high volume!"

[Infantitan uses her sonic scream attack to blast Jigglypuff Kelly]

Master Mama: "Good work, Infantitan!"

May Fieldmouse: "Carly E. Cheese, you're next!"

Carly E. Cheese: "Whaddya mean I'm next?!"

[May uses her tail to attack her]

Carly E. Cheese: "STOP!"

May Fieldmouse: "You'll never stop!"

Betsy Haier: "No fair!"

Tamara Beaver: "That's what she deserved!"

Demon Alice: "Grrrrrrrr........"

Daniella Koala: "Let me terrorize you."

[She transforms into a demonic dragon]

Ultra Jellina: "Infantitan, shapeshift!"

Infantitan: "My selection is a power-hungry wolf!"

[She transforms into a wolf]

May Fieldmouse: "Go on!"

Carrie Haier: "Oh no you don't!"

Tamara Beaver: "Hey! You are gonna get this!"

[She transforms into a Unicorn]

Ultra Jellina: "It's your turn to meet your match, Bedtime Bunny!"

Bedtime Bunny: "Uh oh!"

[She shoots a lightning strike at her]

Bedtime Bunny: "I just met my match!"

Infantitan: "Indeed."

Demon Alice: "Grrrr.... You think you can stop the Terror. We will get you for this!!

May Fieldmouse: "Too bad! You failed to beat us!"

[The Terror Team leaves Lake Hoohaw]

Tamara Beaver: "YAY! We saved Lake Hoohaw from the Terror Team!"

May Fieldmouse: "Yes, we did it!"

Infantitan: "Splendid!"

Ultra Jellina: "Now Lake Hoohaw is in peace again!"

[Meanwhile at The Terror Team's Headquarters]

Jigglypuff Kelly: "Alice, What are you doing now?"

Demon Alice: "I've created some very cute but dangerous creatures to help us defeat the Quantum Quintet."

[She shows the team The Six Popplesmen]

Demon Alice: "Behold, The Six Popplesmen!!"

Carly E. Cheese: "Their purpose, ma'am."

Demon Alice: "These Popples are based on The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse. Each has a destructive power that will help us rule the world."

Daniella Koala: "So what is our new plan?"

Demon Alice: I have a proposal for The Six Popplesmen....."

[cut to black]

Spongy: To Be Continued In Season 2.

(The End)