CruiseWreck is a drama created by WilliamWill Television, Rare Studios, and Wildbrain Entertainment. It aired on September 12, 2015, on WilliamWill Network


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On June 19, 2011, a cruise ship left the dock of Convergeville with passengers in it. At 10:00 pm, it sunk during a tsunami. 10 kids Kendra (3 years old), Fernando (3 years old), Tina (6 years old), Gertrude (6 years old), Sophiana (9 years old), Pedro (9 years old), Cotton (12 years old), Sonny (12 years old), Ellie (15 years old), and Larson (15 years old) were washed into a deserted island. They found a magic gem that gives them telekinesis, Metal Manipulation, Shapeshifting, and Self-Molecular Manipulation. They created a motorboat with some parts of old boats and by building it with their powers. The motorboat travels to Charlington Island, where they meet Cecilia Benton, the mayor of Charlington Island (This happened after the events of the video game, Lollipop when the old mayor and her teacher were killed) she decides to take care of them as their leader. In each episode, they travel in their motorboat to different places and save the day. A villain named Gwinnett Ravi tries to stop the kids from destroying Charlington Island and Cecilia.


  • Kendra Sanibel: A rambunctious and boisterous 3-year-old girl who loves horses, cherries, and pie. Her transformation forms are a chipmunk, squirrel, Red-tailed chipmunk, Black giant squirrel, black-tailed prairie dog, and American red squirrel.
  • Fernando Cortez: A cheerful and cute 3-year-old Latino boy who loves cars, insects, music, and books. His transformation forms are marmots, California chipmunk, California ground squirrel, Long-tailed ground squirrel, Indian giant squirrel, and fox squirrel.
  • Tina Xavier: A girly, delirious, and sunny 6-year-old girl who loves fashion, dress-up, and water. Her transformation forms are a North American river otter, Giant otter, Hairy-nosed otter, Tayra, Wolverine, American marten, Long-tailed weasel, and Fisher (animal).
  • Gertrude Zinnia: An easy-going, nice, playful, and helpful, 6-year-old boy who loves building, instruments, and computers. His transformation forms are Sea otter, beaver, Giant kangaroo rat, and lemmings.
  • Sophiana Monaghan: A short-tempered, headstrong, and gentle 9-year-old girl who loves hot foods, hockey, woodworking, and Broadway shows. Her transformation forms are coyotes, wolverines, wolves, and dogs.
  • Pedro Esmeralda
  • Cotton Shari
  • Sonny Zack
  • Ellie Violet
  • Larson Saxon
  • Gwinnett Ravi: The main villain of the show who tries to stop the kids.
  • Jake Acton: A survivor of the cruise ship, that also sends the kids on missions. His rival is Gwinnett Ravi.
  • Cecilia Benton: She is the mayor of Charlington Island after the events of Lolipop when the old mayor and her teacher were killed. She is also the leader of the kids.


Season 1 (September 2015-March 2016)

Episode No. Title Premise Airdate Ratings
1 Our Very First Sinking
2 Radical Waves
3 Jake's Birthday
4 Raisin' Ships
5 Ravi's Revenge
6 Halloween in Charlington
7 Election Day
8 Canada on Charlington Island
9 Trains, Planes, and Cruise Ships
10 How Ravi Stole Thanksgiving 
11 Kennedy-Howard for President
12 Evil Chelly Wikia
13 The Christmas Present
14 New Years At Sea