Corrella the Magical Girl is Fantasy book. It is written by Gabby Princess and illustrated by Katherine Koala. It was released on August 12, 2015.




Corrella was playing dress up with her friends, Frederick and Jenny. Suddenly a magical girl named Halley told her that a witch named Vanessa has been kidnapped by James and taken to a tower in the CarrenWook Plains. Then she told her that she needs to become a human to save her. So she used her wand to turn her into a human girl. Soon she set off on her adventure. Corrella comes across a house owned by a female rabbit named Gabrielle. She gave her a map to get to the plains. On the way, she fell in the well into the underground where a fox gave her a wand. The wand smelled and tasted delicious, so she ate it and became a magical girl. She flew up to the surface and flew above the ocean to CarrenWook Plains. While there, she picked up a gem and turned it into a powerful sword. She went to the tower and found Vanessa in a cage and James. She transforms into a dragon to fight James. After James is defeated and Vanessa is saved, she decided to have many adventures in her now permanent human form and they all lived happily ever after.