C.O.L.O.R: The Equestrian Menace is an open-world adventure video game that focuses on C.O.L.O.R. It was released on the PS3, PS4, and Qintex Amanda on May 12, 2015, by WilliamWill Interactive.


Your player has three types of gadgets: Magic, Guns, and Tech. Magic has a Shapeshifter Ray to use to turn an object into another in three seconds. It has potions that come in different types: Transformation, Age, Special, and Growth. Guns have every single weapon available. Tech has useful gadgets that are created by Gadget Hackwrench. If you wish to design a gadget, go to the Gadget Design station in the Designer Room at C.O.L.O.R Headquarters. Here you draw a gadget on a blueprint, you can draw anything you like, as long as Gadget Hackwrench accepts it. Once you're done, Gadget Hackwrench will rate it, and build it. When you lose a life, you have an option to use a first aid kit to heal you or just give up. When you use a first aid kit, Doc MuuuucStuffins will help you through the process.


This game features 10 different worlds the C.O.L.O.R team must travel through. Each world has four different levels: Adventure, Stealth, Puzzle, and Boss.

  • St. Louis: Place: Washington University of St. Louis; Boss: Stella Sunday
  • Ponyville: Place: Town Hall; Boss: Anna Poppy
  • Detroit: Place: Renaissance Center; Boss: Wendy Queens
  • Sweet Apple Acres: Place: The Treehouse; Boss: Ben Drought
  • Chicago: Place: Willis Tower; Boss: Katherina Tribune
  • Everfree Forest: Place: Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters; Boss: Charlie Benhur
  • Philadelphia: Place: Independence Hall; Boss: Martha Liberty
  • Crystal Empire: Place: Crystal Castle; Boss: Janet Opal
  • New York City: Place: One World Trade Center; Boss: Kendra Belvedere
  • Canterlot: Place: Canterlot Castle; Final Boss: Willa Dewdrop


This story starts with Willa Dewdrop in her human form realizing that humans and ponies are the enemies of her. So she goes to Canterlot, taking her little sister Carrie Cloudscape with her and kidnaps Princesses Celestia, Luna and Cadance, and takes over Equestria. C.O.L.O.R takes note of this situation and gets to work.


Playable Characters


  • Gadget Hackwrench
  • Doc McStuffins


  • Stella Sunday
  • Anna Poppy
  • Wendy Queens
  • Ben Drought
  • Katherina Tribune
  • Charlie Benhur
  • Martha Liberty
  • Janet Opal
  • Kendra Belvedere
  • Willa Dewdrop