Berry Bornsley

Here's a picture that shows my OC, Berry Bornsley!

Berry Bornsley is a 13-year-old tomboy who is the fourth daughter of Annabelle and Jackson Bornsley, older sister of Johnathan, Rex, and Cynthia Bornsley, and the younger sister of Newton Bornsley. She was born on April 28, 2004, in Parkburg, Kentucky. 


She is kind of sarcastic, but very sweet and charming. She can be pretty feisty and brash, and is very intelligent and is kind of cute, even though she doesn't like to be called that. Her main catchphrase is "Awesometastic!" which is a kind of word that is a mixture of Awesome and fantastic. She is a fan of a rock band called Castillo Nightmare, who said that they are awesome. Her favorite TV shows are Robotic Rangers, and Dinosaur and Dragons. She also loves to play basketball and make pictures of awesome racecars, speedboats, and spacecraft. Her most recent favorite movie is Mutant Robotic Flowers from Cosmic Space. She hates tea parties, pink stuff, and dresses. She has a 10-year-old sister named Cynthia, who quirky and diligent, and is also fond of pizza, tea parties, and dolls. She also has Jonathan and Rex, two boys who are 6 and 7 years old and are Berry's brothers. They are pretty hyperactive and playful, but sometimes can be pretty selfish and mischievous. They like juice, video games, cookies, and building blocks. She also has an older brother named Newton who is 15 years old and is quite charismatic, but is smart and diligent, and likes to build racecourses and model airplanes.