A Laughing and Learning Experience is the twelfth episode of the TV series, The WilliamWill Super Show. It aired on August 26, 2015.


Becky Bopper decides to turn the Laugh and Learn Puppy (from Fisher-Price) into a 4-year-old human boy renamed Larry Leopold Pucker.


[We see the WilliamWill Manor]

Becky Bopper: "If only if I had a brother, we could have more fun together!"

Melody: "I agree, you'll have just another playmate!"

Becky Bopper: "OK. Let me find someone outside."

[Becky Bopper goes outside]

Becky: "Hmmm, who should I choose to join the family?"

[The Laugh and Learn Puppy walks by]

Becky: "Oh, what's your name?"

Laugh and Learn Puppy: "I'm the Laugh and Learn Puppy!"

Becky: "Well, my name is Becky Bopper. I used to be a triceratops named Baby Bop, but now I'm a human and Willy's daughter. Want to join our family too?"

Laugh and Learn Puppy: "I don't know about that, but maybe yes."

Becky: "Willy made this beautiful wand for me. You can be a human too!"

[Becky uses her wand to turn the Laugh and Learn Puppy into a 4-year-old human]

Becky: "Your name should be, uhhhhh......I know! Larry Leopold Pucker!"

Larry: "Neat name! I like it!"

Becky Bopper: "Now let's go inside and have lots of fun!"

Larry: "Yay! Thank you, sis!"

[they go inside the WilliamWill Manor]

Becky Bopper: "Let's play pretend!"

Larry: "That sounds like fun!"

Melody: "We should pretend to be explorers making new discoveries!"

Becky Bopper: "Yeah! Come on!"

(The End)

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