The Life of Mimi Otter

Once upon a time before there was a Lake Hoohaw, there was four otters named Tiffany Otter, the oldest who is yellow, Ferdinand Otter, the second oldest who is brown, Gwendolyn Otter, the second youngest who is Light green, and Mimi Otter, the youngest who is pink. They love to play around the wilderness every day. One day, while playing hide and seek, Mimi Otter comes up to a cave with a large stalagmite. She touches the stalagmite and it turns pink. She felt a rush of energy inside her as she transforms into a naked, 20 year old, human girl. She also gains new abilities when she creates a lake with Houseboats and a few animals and names it Lake Hoohaw. She decided to leave her friends because she is afraid that they'll never like her anymore. She magically makes a pink dress for her to wear and flies off. She now looks down at Lake Hoohaw below, remembering the days of fun and the good times.